Welcome to our learning page for Pressure, touring nationwide from 1 February until 24 March 2018. All resources are free and available to download. 

We'll be updating this page throughout the rehearsal period in January. Current resources include a series of drama workshops and writing exercises for teachers to use in the classroom. 



Many of the characters in the play were real people. Find out more about their background and experiences.


Drama Workshops
Playing with Status
Explore the world of status in Pressure. Each of the main characters has a rank, as it is World War 2, and the characters are military personnel.
Using the Weather to Create Atmosphere
The weather and the atmospheric conditions play a huge role in Pressure, as does the theatre of war.
Untold Stories
These activities will encourage participants to consider the unknown stories hidden within the familiar.
Staging a Scene
Using an extract of the script, participants discuss the scene and work as a pair to make choices on staging it. 


Writing Exercises
These writing activities all follow formats of various exam boards, including AQA, Edexcel and Edquas. The creative writing tasks are similar to the ones that students have to do for GCSE English Language but are thematically linked to the play. 
Activities for drama students after they have watched the production.
Activities for drama students after they have watched the production.
English Language creative writing exercises 
Discussion and Writing Exercises
For use with English Language or History students, or within PSHE/Citizenship sessions.
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