What is the story of Anita and Me?

What is the story of Anita and Me?

4 January 2017

Anita and Me director Roxana Silbert and writer Tanika Gupta give an introduction to the story.  


"I find it really moving because it’s about two people who come from two very different cultures trying to find a way of being friends and I think ultimately failing. But they’re such joyful, energetic, fiery personalities that it makes the story very warm, very irreverent and very funny."
Roxana SIlbert, Director


"It is a very, very warm and engaging story and at the heart of it there’s this friendship between an Asian girl and a white girl and how they find their way together. Anita is particularly cool and feisty and basically from a very impoverished and quite sad background, where as Meena comes from a very warm and loving, typically loud Asian family who sing songs and have friends round. A lot of the story is about Meena finding her own identity as an Indian girl but at the same time wanting to be integrated and be English."
Tanika Gupta, Playwright


Anita and Me opens at Wolverhampton Grand theatre, where it plays from 14 to 18 February 2017. It then tours to Cheltenham, Blackpool, Nottingham, Bradford and Edinburgh.

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