Welcome to Theatre Cloud's Community

Welcome to Theatre Cloud's Community


Theatre Cloud is an online space where theatre professionals, educationalists, and the public can share engagement and participation projects, ideas and best practice.

While in development Theatre Cloud is hosting the Touring Consortium Theatre Company and its partners until it is ready to open its doors to the entire theatre community.


Theatre Cloud is a new digital hub for everything and everyone connected with theatre. Whether you are a theatre-lover, an artist, a bricklayer or a juggler, there is something to be explored, discovered and involved in.

It is a space for everyone; a platform for art; craft; science and technology; a community for the future of theatre.

Theatre Cloud has no limits and will become whatever we all create:
  • Free creative projects to take part in
  • Read and submit news and ideas
  • Share creativity and inspire others

Whether it's a song, a video, a photograph, a poem, a scene from your latest play, a thought, a discovery... it's up to you. 


Here you will find resource packs for our productions, exciting creative projects to get involved with, news on upcoming events and workshops that teachers, students and life-long learners can take part in.

Our current creative projects include:

This is Mine - a Brassed Off film project: submit a short film on your community and let us share it with the world! Tell us what community means to you through the medium of film.

War Poetry for Today - a Regeneration poetry project: submit a poem on your reactions to images of war from WW1 to current conflicts. Express your experiences of war and conflict through the medium of poetry. 

Our current workshops include:

War Poets of Today - We are thrilled to be working with established poet and mentor, Jacqui Rowe, for a unique poetry workshop exploring themes of war and responses to war. This workshop is available to any school booking to see our forthcoming production of Pat Barker’s beloved novel, Regeneration, which will be touring in Autumn 2014.

Page to Stage - This masterclass is held at each of our participating consortium venues prior to the mid-week matinee. Lasting one hour, the masterclass explores text and techniques used by both the director and actors to create a gripping and honest performance on stage. 


Here you can find out how a touring production gets adapted, designed, rehearsed and produced. Read and hear audience reactions, reviews, production shots plus a glimpse into the hectic world of touring theatre.


Regular news articles relating to the Touring Consortium Theatre Company's productions plus much more!

Members Zone

Find out about the theatres who make up the Touring Consortium Theatre Company, learn about the benefits and discounts available when you sign up to the Theatre Cloud Card scheme, plus edit your own user profile.

Get Involved

For anyone who is up for a challenge, this section highlights all the unique ways you can get involved with Theatre Cloud. There are many new opportunities in the pipeline so keep checking back!


For any technical issues or help using the site, this is your first port of call. Our site is always changing and updating so please do let us know if you are having any difficulty navigating your way through.