Vote for your favourite poem from our longlist!

Vote for your favourite poem from our longlist!

Monday, 24 November 2014

Our War Poetry for Today competition has officially closed and we can now announce the longlist! Cast your vote for the poem that deserves to be 'Most Popular' and they will be awarded with £250!

We have had over a thousand submissions to our War Poetry for Today competition running in conjunction with the Touring Consortium Theatre Company's World Premiere production of Pat Barker's Regeneration.

Poets from all over the country (and the world!) have embraced our project that looks at poems inspired by the theme of WAR. We are truly humbled that so many poets have chosen our project to enter.

Throughout the tour, the cast of Regeneration have been shortlisting their favourite poem each (you can watch their filmed reading on the Shortlist page) and now the shortlist is with our judging panel who are busy making their decisions on the final winner and runner up.


You can vote for your favourite poem from the longlist and help someone's work become awarded as 'Most Popular' plus they will be awarded £250!

We have 40 poems that have made the longlist, all chosen by the Theatre Cloud team and the Regeneration company for their unique and thought-provoking qualities.

Public voting for the 'Most Popular' poem will open on Monday 24th November at 10am and will close on Tuesday 24th November at 12pm so make sure you get your vote in quick!

How to vote

Click on the link to your favourite poem below from the longlist or from the submissions page and then choose your preferred way to vote: 

You can vote by clicking on the Twitter, Facebook or Email share buttons. Be sure to type the title of your favourite poem and use the hashtag #WarPoetryToday. Tweets/Posts without the name of the poem will not be counted.

The Longlist

1. Keep on Fighting by Tom Swann

2. Passed Down by Olivia Childs

3. Photograph of Fatima by Kathy Miles

4. Maths Homework on the Eve of Strikes Against IS by Tracey Sampson

5. The War Photographer by Adam Oxborrow

6. English Lesson 2003 by Eric Nicholson

7. Witnessing by Kathleen M Quinlan

8. White Birch Tree by Ma Yuchen

9. St. George's Cross by Phil Ritson

10. Poppies by Marj C

11. For My Country by John Ward

12. For Phil by Rachael Pettus

13. The Invisible Scars by Carole Thomas

14. Dear Valentine Joe by Linda Brookes

15. The First Time by Jasmine Heydari

16. Remain to Live by David C Byrne

17. Butter Beans and Lum Hats by Jim Mackintosh

18. No Known Grave by Peter Edgerton

19. I Just Want To Go Home by Luke Golding

20. Child Soldier by Idongesit Ifet

21. Burn the Toast Darkly by Brian Rawson

22. Call of Duty by Izy Sommerfield

23. Hope by Sean Thompson

24. Proud Soldier by Asha Leigh

25. All For A Shilling by Adam Gill

26. He Tell Me, Very Little by Kauser Parveen

27. A Rose for Gaza by Lynn White

28. Three Brothers by Niki Pearson

29. Conscript by Alwyn Marriage

30. Thoughts from the Trenches by Ann-Marie McNicholas

31. The Telegram by Tehya Allen

32. Mind Matters by Grace Puskas

33. Traipsing Along No Man's Land by Thomas Fielden

34. My Father in Law Lived to Fight Another Day by Tess Adams

35. A Soldier's Prayer by James Cast

36. Eye of the Storm by Andy Perratt

37. Persephone by Luis Felicio

38. Unhinged Melody by Alys Cox

39. The 11th Minute of the 11th Hour by Ant Smith

40. I Have Killed by Monty Joynes

Good luck to everyone on the longlist! We will announce all the winners on Friday 28th November at 5pm so keep your eyes peeled!

Regeneration premiered on 2 September 2014 (previews from 29 August) at Royal & Derngate, Northampton, where it continues until 20 September 2014. It then tours to York, Edinburgh, Bradford, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Richmond, Wolverhampton, Darlington and Blackpool where it concludes on 29 November.