Video: Jonny Guy Lewis' 6 reasons to see A View From the Bridge

Video: Jonny Guy Lewis' 6 reasons to see A View From the Bridge

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Jonathan Guy Lewis stars as Eddie Carbone in the Touring Consortium’s production of Arthur Miller’s A View From the Bridge.  In this video interview from the rehearsal room, Jonny shares six reasons why you should see the show, now on tour. 

1. “It’s a classic play, absolutely. It’s Arthur Miller and it’s one of the great parts in 20th century drama.”


2. “[Catherine] is of that age when it’s time to let her go…. And [Eddie] can’t. He does his best to poison it. He can’t move on and that’s the tragedy.”


3. “ It’s almost a Greek tragedy because we see the writing on the wall… There is only one outcome for Eddie… He’s basically signed his own death warrant.”


4. “All the relationships are just so beautifully written and the play’s so beautifully crafted. It’s timeless actually. It’s one of those plays that’s never not worth reviving.”


5. “Arthur Miller as a playwright – as a playwright myself – he is absolutely up there, a genius.”


6. “[Michael Brandon] is Alfieri. And he is from Brooklyn. So the authenticity he brings is … you can’t buy that.”


Watch to find out more and to hear full answers to the following questions, as well as Jonny’s anecdote about what happened when he actually met Arthur Miller backstage at the National Theatre! 

  • How would you rank A View From the Bridge?
  • Why is now a good time to revive A View From the Bridge?
  • How important is Arthur Miller as a playwright?
  • Tell us about your co-stars.
  • Do you have a favourite moment in the play?
  • Why should people see A View From the Bridge?


Interview by Terri Paddock, video edited by Nick Rice for TheatreCloud.

A View from the Bridge opened at Theatre Royal, Nottingham, where it ran from 4 to 7 March 2015. It then toured to Cheltenham, Darlington, Wolverhampton, Bradford, Coventry and Edinburgh, where it concluded on 2 May.