VIDEO: Are we nearer to a Brave New World than we think?

VIDEO: Are we nearer to a Brave New World than we think?

29 June 2015

by Nick Rice

How much have things changed in science and technology in the last ten years and what can we expect from the future?  In this series of videos, from the marketing launch of Brave New World, futurist David Wood explains just how expansive the change we've experienced is.

Brave New World raises lots of questions and ideas about what the future will look like and how humanity is shaped by advances in science and technology. When Huxley revisited Brave New World in 1958, he claimed the ideas he imagined were coming true much sooner than he had expected. 

 'The prophecies made in 1931 are coming true much sooner than I thought they would.'
Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited 1958

We started to think about the present day and the changes we're experiencing. What would Huxley make of them and are there any indicators that we're any closer to the Brave New World he imagined? 

Last month, we attended the marketing launch for Touring Consortium Theatre Company and Royal and Derngate's theatre production of Brave New Worldtouring nationally from September 2015. Speaking at the event was futurist (a person studying the future, no less!) David Wood. We recorded his talk and have created five different videos from what he had to say. Check back over the next few weeks for videos on the next ten years and beyond, including the possibility of tiny disease destroying robots!


The last ten years  2005 - 2015

This week, we're starting with the last ten years. Check below for a series of five videos over July.


THE NEXT TEN YEARS 2015 - 2025

Will the next ten years make us question possibilities previously reserved for science-fiction?



What else can we expect to see in the future?



What changes have taken place that are already eerily telling of the brave new world Huxley predicted?



In this final video, futurist David Wood talks about the relevancy of Brave New World today. What questions does it pose for today's society?

Brave New World premieres at Royal and Derngate, Northampton, where it runs from 4 to 26 September 2015. It then tours to Edinburgh, Blackpool, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Wolverhampton, Darlington and Bradford where it concludes on 5 December.