Theatre Needs You!

Theatre Needs You!

Friday, 9 August, 2013

Touring Consortium Theatre Company recruit local ambassadors to help keep drama audiences growing.

Local members of the communities are buzzing with excitement as the Touring Consortium Theatre Company launch their new ambassador scheme to help build, diversify and develop drama audiences over the next three years.

The new recruits, who have voluntarily given their time to the cause, will help promote the series of five shows touring across the UK to their local community groups, schools, friends and family. 

The aim is to encourage first-time attenders from all areas and cultural backgrounds to give theatre a go; it’s about making your local theatre accessible and welcoming to everyone.
Stacey Permaul, Venue Liaison Officer, Touring Consortium Theatre Company.

Ambassadors have their work cut out as drama audiences are dwindling and with many young people feeling as though theatre is simply not for them. They hope by working with community ambassadors, new audiences will feel more relaxed and comfortable about attending their local theatre.

I chose to become an ambassador so I could share my passion for the theatre with as many people as possible and promote plays to those people who may not typically attend them. I believe that plays, especially those by TCTC are not only educational but truly entertaining for anybody that attends them. The challenge of being an ambassador will be finding new and creative ways to involve all types of people with the theatre. I am excited to be involved with TCTC and their productions, experiencing the backstage life of their plays and working with other ambassadors to promote the theatre.
Holly Spence, Bradford Ambassador, age 17.

It’s not all work and no play for the ambassadors though, as recruits get special perks such as meeting the cast, attending open rehearsals and having a genuine voice for their local community.

To find out more about the wonderful people who make up our ambassador team click here 

If you would like to apply to become an ambassador and live in the Bradford, Wolverhampton or Darlington area, contact Stacey for more information.