Jonah Russell on playing Of Mice and Men's Slim

Jonah Russell on playing Of Mice and Men's Slim

4 May 2016

Interview: Jonah talks playing Slim and reveals which member of the Of Mice and Men cast is related to a Chuckle brother...

Jonah Russell (Slim) and William Rodell (George)Jonah Russell on stage with William Rodell who plays George.

Tell us about your character Slim. How would you describe him and what are his motivations?

Slim is a jerkline skinner — he drives the mule train and is very skilled at what he does. He seems to command the respect of all the people on the ranch and is well liked. He is cool, calm and collected, always seemingly finding out more about others than he reveals about himself. And he wears a massive Stetson.

His motivations seem to be to make sure that the ranch runs smoothly and that the right thing is done. 

Slim can be read as being a strong and influential character, what do you think makes him different from other guys on the ranch?

He is much safer in his job than the other workers because of his skillset and could find work much more easily somewhere else.

Because of the nature of his work, he probably works at the ranch for a time each year and then drives cattle across the plains for the rest of the year.

He is a very good cowboy and that allows him to have a certain security, if not a financial one.

What do you love about playing this character?

The massive Stetson.

And he is at the centre of a lot of the action

Jonah Russell as Slim

How did you get into acting?

My drama teacher at sixteen told me I should do it. Before that, I would have never thought it possible.

What’s your best bit of advice for someone looking to become an actor?

It's all about the work. Leave your ego at the door. And listen.

Ben Stott tells us you're the funniest person in the cast. What's the funniest story from the tour?

Sadly, what happens on tour stays on tour so I can't possibly reveal that.

But it was hilarious when Ben's Uncle — who is Barry Chuckle from the Chuckle Brothers  (I know, amazing!) — came to see us in Blackpool and him and Ben re-enacted  some of their famous sketches. Ben is so like Barry, it's amazing.

There are just a few weeks left until the tour finishes, why should audiences come and see this show?

It's a really good night at the theatre with a strong and powerful story being told really well.
And I wear a massive Stetson

Of Mice and Men premieres at Birmingham Repertory Theatre, where it runs from 4 to 13 February 2016. It then tours to Cheltenham, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Darlington, Blackpool, Cambridge, Brighton, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Oxford and Leicester where it concludes on 28 May.