Introducing... Haydock Band

Introducing... Haydock Band

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Theatre Cloud was delighted to be in Blackpool for the Haydock Band's first performance in Touring Consortium Theatre Company's Brassed Off.

The band took to Blackpool's Comedy Carpet before the show and entertained locals and holidaymakers with a rousing performance of The Floral Dance before returning to the Grand Theatre for the real thing that evening.



Band chairman Goffrey Iriving expressed the joy the band received from audiences reacting to the dimension live music brought to the show.

Brassed Off has been a huge part of Haydock Band, this will be the fourth separate venue we have played at since the Palace Theatre in 1999.


We love taking part in these stage shows and it gives our players yet another creative outlet and a different musical experience.


It’s a busy year releasing the band’s first CD, recording a charity single to be released on June 2, playing at the Grand National and then a week’s run at the Grand Theatre. It’s not all about contesting!


The Haydock Band formed in 1861 and has maintained a close relationship with the coal mining community since the opening of Haydock's first colliery. The band was later adopted by the colliery and became known as the 'Haydock Colliery Band'.  
Coal has been mined in Haydock in some fashion for over 450 yrs. The township there today was built from the production of coal. Coal attracted people, produced work and created a close knit mining community. It was the link with the Cheshire salt trade that caused a massive increase in the production and attracted the attention of local land owners.