First Look: Pressure

First Look: Pressure

22 February 2018

'How could the weather ever be boring? It defines us, it feeds us, it keeps us alive, it can destroy us.' Take a look at production shots for Pressure. Photos by Robert Day.

James Stagg (David Haig) presents the allied forces weather forecast to General Eisenhower and other military personnel "We are faced with 4, soon to be 5, storms in the Atlantic of unprecedented intensity for the time of the year. Although... there exists the seductive notion that this ridge of high pressure over the Azores could deflect the storms, the Allied Meteorological Unit does not believe this is likely."

James Stagg (David Haig) presents the Allied forces weather forecast for D-Day to General Eisenhower, Admiral Ramsay (Michael Mackenzie), Air Chief Marshal Leigh-Mallory Commander-in-chief Allied Expeditionary Air Force, and General Spaatz (Mark Jax), Commander United States Air Force in Europe.   

General Eisenhower (Malcolm Sinclair) looks angry as he awaits answers from James Stagg

"We’ve got one chance Dr. Stagg. One chance only to get this right. "

General Eisenhower (Malcolm Sinclair) demands answers from James Stagg about his stormy forecast which is opposite to that of American weatherman Colonel Krick (Left: Philip Cairns). 

General Eisenhower (played by Malcolm Sinclair) shares a laugh with Kay Summersby (Laura Rogers)

"Paris! Imagine us in Paris."

General Eisenhower (played by Malcolm Sinclair) and Kay Summersby (Laura Rogers) imagine what could be if the D-Day landings are successful. 

Colonel Krick (played by Philip Cairns) points at the weather chart in disagreement with James Stagg (David Haig)"You’ve gotta be kidding? You have got to be kidding. God-damnit! Look at the high pressure from the Azores, it’s already here!"

Colonel Krick (Philip Cairns) and James Stagg (David Haig) continue to disagree despite new weather reports.

Kay Summersby (played by Laura Rogers) in blue overalls holds a coffee pot after pouring Stagg (David Haig) a drink

"But you don’t believe Colonel Krick’s theory, do you?"

Kay Summersby (Laura Rogers) sees integrity in James Stagg (David Haig) and his beliefs.

James Stagg (played by David Haig) holds a letter. Behind, Hamilton (Robert Heard) holds a notepad and pencil.

"...I can’t offer you certainty. I have always said that long term forecasting is a gamble." 

James Stagg (David Haig) cannot guarantee his forecast will happen.

In Stagg's office: James Stagg (played by David Haig) and Hamilton (Robert Heard) write down the latest weather reports. Behind them, Andrew (Bert Seymour) uses an instrument on the large weather chart.

"L7 has hardly moved! 978. Look at the previous chart: 982! It’s hardly moved at all...wait a minute... wait-a-minute! Andrew, I’ll need the geostrophic in the warm sector."

Hamilton (Robert Heard), Andrew (Bert Seymour) and James Stagg (David Haig) record the latest weather reports. 

Kay Summersby (played by Laura Rogers) and James Stagg (David Hagg) share a laugh as they drink whiskey"You know, weathermen are traditionally a bit boring."

Kay Summersby (Laura Rogers) and James Stagg (David Haig)  share a joke.

James Stagg (played by David Haig) looks outside the large glass doors of Southwick House as he awaits a change in weather

"How could the weather ever be boring? It defines us, it feeds us, it keeps us alive, it can destroy us."

James Stagg (David Haig) looks on outside Southwick House. 

Pressure opens at Cambridge Arts Theatre, where it plays from 1 to 10 February 2018. It then tours to Edinburgh, Newcastle, Guildford, Cheltenham, Bath and Richmond. 

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