Cheltenham Photo Diary: Abigail's Touring Adventures

Cheltenham Photo Diary: Abigail's Touring Adventures

28 October 2015

Check out what Brave New World cast member Abigail McKern got up to last week when the show opened in Cheltenham. 

Dear Fiona: Letters from a Suspected Soviet Spy

Brave New World cast member Abigail McKern is giving us updates each stop of the tour. Abigail is a keen photographer and she kindly agreed to share her experience of life on the road during the duration of the tour! We thought it would be a great way to let you all see what touring theatre is like, as well as explore some of the towns and cities TCTC tours to.

If you've missed the journey so far, go back catch up on Abigail's previous photo diary

Last week, Brave New World toured to the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham, which opened

in 1891. Abigail's highlight of the week was staying with her friend - ex Bond girl and Strictly Come Dancing star - Fiona Fullerton.

She has published an amazing book of the letters she wrote to a prisoner in for life for spying (he didn't do it and was released after 22 years) They are now close friends and they came to see our show. 

Abigail made a trip to Sudeley Castle, which was built in the 15th century, with fellow cast mates from Brave New World. She told us that Elizabeth the First, Richard the Third, Charles the First and Thomas Cromwell all visited here. Wait, who's that hiding the in bushes? 


Abigail's Touring Adventures: Cheltenham