Behind-the-scenes on Brave New World

Behind-the-scenes on Brave New World

19 November 2015

Take a look at our photo gallery behind-the-scenes on Brave New World. We've got pictures backstage of everything from costumes to babies in jars... Yes, babies in jars. We'll see you in the decanting room.

Yesterday was the second ever #LoveTheatreDay, the 24-hour Twitter event - run in partnership by the Guardian Culture Professionals Network, Twitter UK and CultureThemes. More than 500 theatres and groups from across the world took part, giving people everywhere access to theatre experiences that wouldn't otherwise be possible. We joined in with the #BackStage part of the day by exploring what's involved in wardrobe, in an interview by 18-year-old Young Reporter Rebecca Parkinson with Wardrobe Mistress Jocelyn Corderoy. Check that out here.

Meanwhile, Touring Consortium Theatre Company tweeted lots of behind-the-scenes perspectives on props, costume and tech tables for the show! We've got all of them here, so join us as we go behind-the-scenes on Brave New World

A bit too technical for us... For a play, this show has a large number of scenes which means the amount of cues is higher than they'd usually be. There's 26 scenes in total, over 300 lighting cues, 300 video cues and around 246 sound cues!

Stage Management desk for Brave New WorldUp close - Stage Management Desk for Brave New WorldScreen shows cues loaded into the system‚Äč

Name tags make it easier for wardrobe when getting the cast in and out of costumes quickly! There are around 100 costumes for ten actors! Behind-the-scenes, there's three people helping with quick changes on every performance. 

Costume rail shows names of cast members Olivia, Sam and TheoWardrobe area backstage on Brave New World

The wig table! Wigs used in the play are sleek bobs

The props on Brave New World are freaky. But this is a dystopian nightmare, set some 500 years away. What do you expect?! The headsets are used when the characters attend the feelies (basically movies people can feel and smell as well as see and hear), the strange looking substances are food and of course, SOMA! 

Props table show headsets used for feelies scene

Props table show strange food substances and of course, soma!

Props tables shows babies in jars...

Brave New World premieres at Royal and Derngate, Northampton, where it runs from 4 to 26 September 2015. It then tours to Edinburgh, Blackpool, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Wolverhampton, Darlington and Bradford where it concludes on 5 December.