Announcing our Nottingham Young Reporter!

Announcing our Nottingham Young Reporter!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Meet Madison Wales, our third Young Reporter! She'll be giving us an insight into Regeneration at Theatre Royal Nottingham this week.

We're delighted to introduce you to 21-year-old Madison Wales! Madison is working behind the scenes at Theatre Royal Nottingham, giving us an insight into this beautiful Victorian theatre, as well as the latest on Pat Barker's Regeneration, adapted by Nicholas Wright.

I applied to the Young Reporters Scheme to combine my passion the arts with what I consider one of my gift’s from the big man upstairs: the gift of the gab.

The show, which is commeorating the centenary of WW1, is playing at the theatre all week and Madison is on hand to share her experience of the show with blogs, reports and photos. 

Madison has just graduated from University of Nottingham with a History degree and says she is looking forward to being able to 'put a historical spin on theatrical journalism'.

As a history student I have a keen interest in this field, particularly as it coincides with the WW1 centenary, which is something I will definitely draw upon within my writing.

Visiting the WW1 memorials in Belgium is what ultimately inspired me to study History at degree level, and I hope that I am able to inspire through creative and slightly ‘off the wall’ methods a younger generation of artists and historians. 

Welcome aboard Madison!


As a recent History graduate who has just launched a career in marketing, my week as a Young Reporter with the Theatre Consortium was not only a fantastic opportunity, but provided me with invaluable experience. I really enjoyed the critical approach that the scheme promoted; I was quite literally questioning everything and everyone. I enjoyed having an opportunity to write, express my own opinions, and ultimately use my creativity, which is part of what I miss from my time at University!


"Regeneration was a simply a fantastic piece of theatre, and I cannot thank Neale and his team, along with the Theatre Royal staff, for everything that they did for me, like always, I felt part of the theatre’s family! Although the week was hectic, as I was working 9 until 5.30 everyday whilst spending my evenings at the theatre, I am so thankful to have had this opportunity. The scheme is really flexible so if you’re thinking of not applying because you’ve got other commitments, such as a job, don’t let that stop you. I certainly didn’t!

I love writing, I love the theatre, and I love history, so this opportunity provided me with a chance to fuse the three, and produce some work that I’m grateful to finally be able to showcase."

You can follow Madison during her week placement at Theatre Royal Nottingham on Twitter @madisonwales and by checking out her photo diary, first night blog and more on Theatre Cloud.

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