An Actor's Life: Lindy Whiteford

An Actor's Life: Lindy Whiteford

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Regeneration's Lindy Whiteford on meeting Pat Barker, her favourite role and highlight of being on tour. 

1. What has been the highlight of the Regeneration tour for you?
Getting my hands on David Garrick's personal copy of 'The Provoked Wife'. It was lying on a small table in the fabulous Wolverhampton Art Gallery. It had all his personal notes and underlinings in it, so I channelled him by reading it aloud to myself. I think I may have overdosed on DayNurse. 

2. If you could play any part, which would it be and why?
Ah. Well at the risk of sounding like a cracked record, the paucity of decent parts for women of a certain age is a fact of life. Women are nearly always in the minority, in television as well as theatre. Thank god for the Caryl Churchills of this world.  If I were a man it would be Uncle Vanya, Willy Loman, Archie Rice. But there are a few gems out there. So I travel hopefully.

3. What was it like meeting Pat Barker?
The trouble with meeting someone you greatly admire is that it can turn you into a blithering idiot. So I think I mumbled some  rubbish at her. But she was very patient and extremely kind. 

4. What is the first thing you will do once the tour is over?
Dye my hair blonde and make a big pot of soup. 

5. What has been your favourite stop on the tour?
Up to now Edinburgh was the clear winner, but Oxford is very beguiling. I stayed at Jesus College last night and dreamed of a life in academia. 

6. In a parallel universe, what would be your profession?
An academic. 

7.What has been your favourite role you have ever played and why?
The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet. Often cut to ribbons, in its entirety it is one of the great Shakespearean roles. She's ignorant and wise and instinctive and loyal and violent and...and....and..... The possibilities are endless. One day I'd like to have another go at her. Never quite got it right. 

8. What is your best advice for anyone wanting to pursue a career in acting?
Football can seriously damage your health. 

Regeneration premiered on 2 September 2014 (previews from 29 August) at Royal & Derngate, Northampton, where it continues until 20 September 2014. It then tours to York, Edinburgh, Bradford, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Richmond, Wolverhampton, Darlington and Blackpool where it concludes on 29 November.