An Actor's Life: Lauren Hood

An Actor's Life: Lauren Hood

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Oh What A Lovely War's Lauren Hood on what is the best thing about being on tour and the funniest thing that has happened so far!

Do you have any theatre superstitions or rituals before you go on stage?
I don't have any theatre superstitions but before every show I always do a thorough vocal and physical warm up, I could never do a show without one. I suppose a little ritual I do everyday on Oh What A Lovely War is I always sing the first two lines of Belgium Put The Kibosh on the Kaiser during my quick change, I did it in the dress rehearsals and now it has just stuck with me and I panic if I've not said them! But I don't have anything I have to do as part of a routine as every show I've done has been so different it would be impossible to have the same routine before a show as every show has required something different from me!

What is the first thing you will do after the tour has finished?
Being on tour takes us to some amazing parts of the country but there is no place like home for me! So after we finish I will be going up to Yorkshire to spend some time with my family and friends and then I start rehearsals for my next job in July so a holiday away with my boyfriend whom I hardly see as we both work away a lot will be a definite too, somewhere hot for sure!

What is your earliest experience of theatre?
My earliest experience of theatre is from being very young and going to see the local Amateur Dramatic groups productions and then after time being in the shows too. Without being a part of great local groups I couldn't imagine how I could have got where I am today. It gave me confidence and my real love for theatre. I try whenever I can to go back and support all the groups I was a part of. Mum and Dad took me to see some of the touring productions that came to York and we went down to London to see shows too and they just blew me away, I was so inspired by them that I knew that's what I wanted to do. 

What is the funniest thing that has happened so far on tour?
To be honest on Oh What A Lovely War I laugh every single day! Everyone is so funny, bonkers or unique in different ways that I never fail to laugh until my tummy hurts!

What is the best bit about being on tour?
I love taking our show to different venues and having varied responses from the audience. I think this is what makes shows on tour special. We are always on our toes on tour as you never know quite how an audience will react, also being backstage in a new venue each week can be challenging but I think that's what keeps the shows fresh!

What has been the most rewarding thing about being in Oh What A Lovely War?
Oh What A Lovely War is such an important and creative piece of theatre that is moving, funny, heart breaking and quirky that reaches out to people of all ages that I find it so rewarding to know I am a part of that piece of theatre and as always I feel very lucky and grateful to be given the opportunity to be a part of it too. 

Oh What a Lovely War runs at London's Theatre Royal Stratford East from 29 January to 7 February 2015, and then tours to Richmond, Malvern, Manchester, Cambridge, Bath, Torquay, Guildford, Coventry, Brighton, Leicester, Aylesbury and Birmingham, where the tour concludes on 9 May 2015.