An Actor's Life: Emma Tugman

An Actor's Life: Emma Tugman

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Emma Tugman is up this week in our series of interviews with the Regeneration cast.

You play Nurse Florrie in Regeneration. Tell us about the background history of your character

Florrie is a well-educated woman from the north of England. Before the war, she campaigned on behalf of the suffragette movement but answered the call for volunteer nurses and found herself at Craiglockhart hospital under the supervision of Sister Rogers.

You joined the cast towards the end of the rehearsal period, how did you find this?

I arrived in Northampton at the beginning of the technical rehearsal week, so five days before the opening night. It was both exciting and terrifying. I realised very quickly that I was joining an amazing cast of actors and they all made me feel very welcome.



You were also in a past Touring Consortium Theatre Company production, Brassed Off, how does Regeneration compare to this?

Funnily enough, I have played a nurse in both productions so the main difference is the costume - the nurse’s uniform of 1994 has changed a bit since 1917!

As official camera person for the War Poetry for Today, how have you enjoyed the project so far?

All the cast have been really enthusiastic about the poems and there is always quite a debate before the choice is finalised. The most difficult thing is finding a place to film within the local theatre where there is enough light but no noise. I think we have managed to find a few interesting corners over the past few weeks!

When did you decide you wanted to be an actor and why?

I always wanted to be an actor but it has taken me a long time to pursue it as a career. It’s something a get a great deal of joy from.

What would be your dream role?

I would love to perform at the Shakespeare’s Globe in London. However, I trust that over the coming years there will be lots of great new writing with dream roles for women, so I will have lots to choose from.

What is the best piece of theatre you have seen recently?

A piece of theatre by company 1927 titled The Animals and Children Took to the Streets

How would you describe Regeneration in two sentences?

Regeneration is about the trauma of war. I think the play is thought-provoking, beautifully staged and performed by an impeccable cast.


Regeneration premiered on 2 September 2014 (previews from 29 August) at Royal & Derngate, Northampton, where it continues until 20 September 2014. It then tours to York, Edinburgh, Bradford, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Richmond, Wolverhampton, Darlington and Blackpool where it concludes on 29 November.