An Actor's Life: Daniel Cech-Lucas

An Actor's Life: Daniel Cech-Lucas

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Regeneration's Daniel Cech-Lucas on his earliest experience of theatre and getting closer to the end of the Regeneration tour.

What was your earliest experience of theatre? 

That would have to be the nativity play I did in Year 2. I was cast as King Herod but I cried a lot because he seemed pretty evil and managed to get them to recast me as wise man instead. 

What made you want to be an actor in the first place?

I made the final decision to give all this acting stuff a proper go whilst travelling, so I guess it was a walk around Cusco.

You recently graduated from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Do you think it’s necessary to go to drama school? How did it help you as an actor? 

I don't think conservatoire training is 100% necessary, but it was a fantastic opportunity for me.

This is your second production with the Touring Consortium. Tell us about the last one and how the two experiences have differed.

There are too many differences to list really, that's what's great about acting, every job is so different.

Why do you think touring productions like Regeneration and To Sir, With Love is important?

Touring's brilliant. We get to explore all these new towns and play a whole range of different spaces, and the story is told to a massively diverse range of audiences.

What’s the feeling in the company as you enter the final weeks of the tour? 

Excited for the feeling of a job well done, scared of the pay cheques stopping. 

What are your plans post-Regeneration? Any tips for recovering from a tour?

The great thing about this tour is that it finishes not long before Christmas, so right now my plans are mainly focused around present shopping and building up a solid December cheese selection. 

What message would you send to audiences in Blackpool to see Regeneration in its final week?

Blackpool is going to be great, come and join us for our daily swim in the sea and then warm yourselves with some red hot theatre in the evening. 


Regeneration premiered on 2 September 2014 (previews from 29 August) at Royal & Derngate, Northampton, where it continues until 20 September 2014. It then tours to York, Edinburgh, Bradford, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Richmond, Wolverhampton, Darlington and Blackpool where it concludes on 29 November.