Ambassadors have their say on Brave New World

Ambassadors have their say on Brave New World

4 December 2015

Ambassadors are members of our theatre network's local communities, who work alongside us to help build, diversify and develop drama audiences in their areas. What do they think about Brave New World? While all of our ambassadors saw the show back in September, we're updating this page as the tour reaches their venues with updates on how the show is received by people they've reached in their network. 

Back in September, Theatre Ambassadors gathered from Wolverhampton, Darlington and Bradford travelled to the Royal & Derngate to see Brave New World for the first time. We wanted to know what they thought and how they might be able to help encourage new audiences into the theatre. Now that we're in November, Brave New World is finally reaching their theatres. We'll be keeping track of their own responses, updates and their insights into what their network makes of the play in their area. Check back for updates until the end of the tour on 5 Dec 2015.

Friday 6 Nov 2016: Brave New World has been playing at Wolverhampton Grand all week. TCTC Producer Jenny King and Venue Liaison Manager Janice Taylor travelled to the theatre at the beginning of the week to meet with the ambassadors and the cast. Ambassadors had their photographs taken with the cast by the local press and were encouraged by the positive response the show was receiving in their network.

Wolverhampton Ambassadors with Gruffudd Glyn

I absolutely adored it. I thought it was superb. It was disturbing and very thought-provoking. If I had to have a criticism, it’s that I felt that too much was tried to be packed into the last little bit. But I still walked out of the theatre thinking “wow”.

I’ve had the opportunity to see all of Touring Consortium Theatre Company’s productions and of all of them, this is my absolute favourite!

After reading the book by Aldous Huxley, I was intrigued by the story and excited to see the adaptation for the play. I found the book a difficult read to be honest but found myself wanting to read more. The play certainly did not disappoint. Brave New World was brought to life with a fantastic cast of talented actors some old some new, but all of whom added something special to the production. It was a thought provoking piece which was amazing to think it was written in the 1931, where these ideas seem so extreme at the time. Yet now are seen as normal! A fantastic production as always by the touring consortium. Would highly recommend that people.

Brave New World is indeed a tremendously unique experience for any theatregoer; whether a regular or a newbie to theatre world, this is a production not to be missed. Written in the 1930’s, Aldous Huxley’s predictions on the futuristic world can only be described as fascinating and actually rather chilling; depicting how society may evolve due to the overwhelming obsession of technology; which sparks huge power over decision making with drugs, social media and reality TV. These predictions are scarily beginning to run parallel to the way in which the world is progressing. This particular production is a real spectacle; with remarkable special effects on large screens to create the scenery, that cleverly transports the audience from one scene to another. Aside from this; the element I thoroughly appreciated was the cast’s tremendous acting abilities; to which I was totally absorbed into the world of each and every character. The Wolverhampton Grand Theatre ambassadors speak highly of this production and would thoroughly recommend it is a must-see; especially for those who have a real interest in dystopia; technology or futuristic features.


Brave New World is visually fantastic. Is it a real interpretation of how the future will be or how life is now: who can tell? For me, it was very gripping, realistic and very now.

Darlington Ambassadors meet William Postlethwaite

I liked so much, the soundtrack is beautiful and the actors are very good. I like the fact that after the show, I’m now thinking about the world we live in and how real it is now.

Powerful, exciting and had me gripped from start to finish.  It kept very close to the book, (with a couple of slight variations)  except for the final scene – I thought that the new ending was cleverly designed to bring the whole play round full circle, and highlighting the difference between Lenina’s initial, well-condition enthusiasm, and the cracks now appearing in her persona, as she mourned John the Savage.   


As an Ambassador, my first stint was on Thursday’s matinee, attended by school parties – roughly 16 – 18 age range.  All the ones I spoke to were highly enthusiastic; none had yet read the book, but now felt inspired to do so.  (This was the general consensus among the adult audience as well).  The music, screen projections, sound effects, etc., had, of course, a particular appeal with the younger audience.  What influence Huxley’s prescience will have on a generation heading towards automaton and state control remains to be seen.  



I found the piece incredibly absorbing in that it seems to be a world that is so like our own and of course, slightly removed because it’s partially dreamlike and so you enter the theatre and there are several surrealities with it. Of course a dream isn’t always ideal and I think that’s what Huxley was getting at, and of course what this wonderful adaptation represents on the stage. We can dream of a world without unhappiness and pain and yet the human condition will be the same without that.

It was really amazing, a real eye-opener because it made you think this is really going to happen in the future. But at the same time has you questioning is this really happening at the moment?

I found Brave New World insightful and eerily realistic. There were moments in the show when you have to look back and think about your life now and think how true those things are.


If you're an ambassador or saw the play thanks to one and don't feel like your voice is heard here: let us know via email!  

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Brave New World premieres at Royal and Derngate, Northampton, where it runs from 4 to 26 September 2015. It then tours to Edinburgh, Blackpool, Nottingham, Cheltenham, Wolverhampton, Darlington and Bradford where it concludes on 5 December.