A word from the producer: From theatre to the art world

A word from the producer: From theatre to the art world

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Touring Consortium producer Jenny King turns her back on theatre for a week as she blogs about the unveiling of Andy Elton's statue in London.

A week in which I turned my back on theatre – and turned my attentions instead to art. The commercial art world is as exploitative and absurd as any other and unsigned artists have joined together to create their own shop window on Level 3 of Cavendish Square Car Park this week at an event called “We Could Not Agree”.

A great environment for a site specific version of A Brave New World, incidentally, Level 3!

Andy Elton, sculptor, and married to me, is exhibiting not on Level 3 but outside in Cavendish Square itself.   Moving his several tons marble sculpture entitled “My Lady” from his Leyton studio to the Square was a work of logistical art in itself.    A video will be available on his website shortly for those interested in the sub culture of ‘Art Transport’.

We left Leyton E10  at 9am yesterday; the sculpture was unveiled and in situ at Cavendish Square W1 at 12.30pm.

The gardener of the square, who happened to be from Northern Ireland, commented immediately post-unveiling that the sculpture was rubbish.    Andy’s son was outraged.  Andy was not phased.

Two children of about 8 and 10 years old skipped past it and stopped to stare.  After a few seconds they skipped off to rejoin their parents. But the little girl could not take her eyes off “My Lady” as she skipped half way around the square. She had ‘got something’ about it – and it wasn’t just its tits.

As we left the square to get some lunch, Andy and I were stopped by a street cleaner.

“Are you the artist?”  he asked in a foreign accent.    “I am” said Andy.    “Do you know the sculptor Brancusi”  he asked?    “I do” said Andy “he is a great hero of mine”.    “Your work reminds me of some of his work”.     The street cleaner was Rumanian himself, we found out. “It is a privilege to meet an artist”  he said as he shook Andy’s hand and trundled on with his refuse trolley