A Tale of Two Cities: Wardrobe Supervisor Rebecca Rees

A Tale of Two Cities: Wardrobe Supervisor Rebecca Rees

4 November 2016

by Beth Reynard

Interview: We get an insight into the wardrobe! Rebecca tells us about her responsibilities in the Two Cities wardrobe

Getting into period dressCan you tell us what your job as wardrobe supervisor entails and what you’re responsible for?
I look after the costumes on the show. I do everything from dressing to repairing, laundry, anything related to the costumes that need doing.

What parts of the job do you enjoy most? What made you want to be a wardrobe supervisor?
It mostly started because I love sewing. I enjoy the social side of working with people backstage on a show. All of the challenges that come with doing a production: the repairs, tech week and creating the dressing track for the show.

How did you get to where you are now? How did you break into the industry?
I did a degree in theatre design. I found my way by contacting people already working in the industry. I actually started off as a maker and then from costume making, I went onto working backstage and I enjoyed that. That’s what I’ve stuck with!

What are your most memorable past productions?
One of my favourite shows was 42nd Street because that was quite a big show so it was quite challenging. The costumes were older and needed a lot of maintenance and there were a lot of quick changes so I had lots of dressing to do on that show. I also enjoyed Brassed Off  because that was a nice company and we had a local brass band every week, so it was a nice experience to have new people each time. Both were touring productions!

How has your A Tale of Two Cities experience been?
It was quite a tough tech week as there's a lot of quick changes during the show. It’s tough because of the nature of the costumes being period. It’s different to what I have worked with before. But now that we’ve settled into the show, it’s all started to run really smoothly.

Do you prefer working with period costumes or contemporary?
I don’t mind, it’s a nice to have a mixture. It’s nice to have different costumes every single show that you do otherwise, doing contemporary all the time, it gets a bit boring.

Are there any particularly dramatic costumes changes or repairs on A Tale of Two Cities?
When we started, some of the changes felt really quick. Now that we’ve figured it all out, there’s actually nothing too drastic. We’ve had to figure out the best way to do the quick changes. There’s a few of them, but there aren’t any that are ridiculously quick. We have a couple that are a minute or two for the quick change but none which are seconds long.




A Tale of Two Cities opens at Royal & Derngate, Northampton, where it plays from 10 to 17 September 2016. It then tours to Oxford Playhouse, Richmond Theatre, Bradford Alhambra, Blackpool Grand, Wolverhampton Grand, Brighton Theatre Royal, Edinburgh King's, Cheltenham Everyman and Nottingham Theatre Royal. 

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