A family affair: bringing families to the theatre

A family affair: bringing families to the theatre

Take a look at the events and activities that have been happening in consortium venues to encourage families to visit their local theatre.

The Touring Consortium Theatre Company have been working alongside their consortium venues to come up with fun and educational events and activities to accompany their season of drama productions which include: To Sir, With Love, Brassed Off and Regeneration.

To Sir, With Love

Set in the 1940's, To Sir, With Love told the semi-autobiographical story of ex-serviceman Ricky Braithwaite as he struggles to teach a rowdy class of teenagers from a progressive yet 'difficult' East London school.

To celebrate the era of the production, consortium venues hosted their own 'Vintage Days' which included lindy-hop classes, 1940's beauty bars and opportunities to join choirs singing the hits of the time.

The days were a great chance for grandparents and children to get involved, reminisce and enjoy some post WW2 grub! Take a look for yourself:



Brassed Off

Commemorating 30 years since the Miners Strike of 1984, Brassed Off brought out deep-rooted passion and pain in many of the consortium audiences across the UK. Many of the community bands starring in the production had first hand experience of the strikes and welcomed the production at their local venue as not only a piece of drama, but also as a piece of history.

However, the Touring Consortium Theatre Company discovered that for the younger generation, many did not even know what a brass band consisted of, let alone understand the history behind the bands.

With dwindling interest in new brass band members, consortium venues were asked to create a 'Young Person's Guide to the Brass Band' to help the next generation understand the importance of their local brass bands and hopefully gain some new recruits!

You can see the full guide here. 





Pat Barker's Regeneration

With a play featuring two of the most famous war poets, Owen and Sassoon, the Touring Consortium Theatre Company and Edinburgh King's theatre jumped at the chance to work together on a day of family friendly events to celebrate National Poetry Day.

With help from the Scottish Poetry Library and the cast of Regeneration, the King's theatre hosted a whole day of free events including poetry workshops, recitals, talks about the famous Craiglockhart mental hospital and opportunities to enter a poetry writing competition online.


Read more about what was offered for War Poetry at the King's here.