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Opening night at The Civic, Darlington: Brave New World, Exciting New Theatre By Rebecca Dew

Walking into the familiar red plush glow that the gloriously atmospheric Darlington Civic Theatre boasts for the opening night of Brave New World a definitive sense of excitement was felt, as numbers making an almost full-house flooded through the doors to their seats.

The play, as the first-ever stage adaptation of Huxley’s critically acclaimed novel Brave New World, was much anticipated by regular Civic attenders and newer audiences alike. Adapted by award-winning playwright Dawn King, directed by James Dacre and produced with original music by These New Puritans, the production was set to become an instant classic.

Opening with an eery scene of science fiction, the stage being filled with electronic blues, greens and lab coats whilst being surrounded by screens featuring images of stem cells, the tone of Brave New World was successfully achieved – an insight into Huxley’s dystopian future.

As the play moved on, using the phenomenal original soundtrack, creative lighting and inspirational acting, the audience truly felt moved into the Brave New World that Huxley had created in 1931. Yet, almost 85 years later, the themes of growing consumerism and an overpowering capitalist agenda rung truer to today’s society than I could ever have predicted.

Through the story of Brave New World, challenging modern ideas of buying into happiness, the need to dismiss the complicated side effects of the human condition for success and an increasing hieratical society, the audience’s own perceptions of our current way of life were put into the spotlight.

An excitingly innovative production, expertly reflecting upon Huxley’s greatest work whilst bringing his world into the present, Brave New World is not to miss at Darlington Civic Theatre.

Brave new world is showing now until Saturday the 14th of November 2015 at The Darlington Civic Theatre. To book or for more information, contact the theatre at 01325 486555 or visit

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