Young Reporters: A View From the Bridge First Night reports

Young Reporters: A View From the Bridge First Night reports

Young Reporters: A View From the Bridge First Night reports

Whether or not there's a red carpet, every opening night is special, especially if it's one of your firsts.

Our Young Reporters, aged 17-30, will be granted VIP access to the opening nights of Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge on national tour at the following local theatres:

Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge opens at Theatre Royal Nottingham on 4 March 2015. It's directed by Stephen Unwin and produced by the Touring Consortium Theatre Company in celebration of the centenary of Miller's birth.

Our Young Reporters will be logging on here to tell you all about their first nights. Check back as the tour progresses for updates below...

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We only accept submissions for this project from our appointed Young Reporters. If you're interested in applying to become a Young Reporter for A View from the Bridge or future touring productions, you can find out more by clicking here.

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A View From Seat K5 of Alhambra Main Stage
By Flang Raza Floo

When speaking of Arthur Miller and other American writers of the 20th century, we speak of them with a kind of reverence. As if they are beings which are not quite human, as if they are grand philosophers…

My View From The Bridge On Opening Night
By Philippa Williams

Arthur Millers play 'A View From The Bridge' is set in the 1950's in Brooklyn. The story centres around the character of Eddie Carbone a longshore man living with his wife, Beatrice, and niece,…

A View from the Stalls
By Mandi Bishop

Opening night of Arthur Miller’s ‘A View from the Bridge’ was highly anticipated and the excitement built from the second we stepped into the Civic Theatre in Darlington. Just being…

A view from the bridge
By Kerri Muirhead

Arthur Miller’s 1950s play ‘A View from The Bridge’ tackles many complex issues. Miller never shied away from the hard truth and in this remake nor has Stephen Unwin, the director. Honest,…

A View from the Bridge review
By Caroline Osbeldiston

In celebration of writer Arthur Miller’s century birthdate, Touring Consortium Theatre Company is putting on a performance that will definitely rock the boat. Set in 1950s New York, A View From…

A view from the 21st century
By Josie Edmead

Celebrating a century on from the birth of Arthur Miller, the Touring Consortium Theatre Company proudly presents A View from the Bridge, directed by Stephen Unwin.   As a young adult of 19, I was…

A View From the Bridge 17TH MARCH
By Rebecca Parkinson

As the bells rang and audience members squeezed past each other to find their seats, a sense of excitement fell throughout the theatre. Programme pages were turned, sweets were unwrapped and attentions…

Press Night 5th March
By Kayleigh Phillips

  I wish to kick this off by saying I thought that it is a fantastic show. A great atmosphere is created by the Nottingham Theatre Royal staff, it felt busy but not crowded. The hustle of people,…