Video Challenge: What are your Brave New World predictions?

Video Challenge: What are your Brave New World predictions?

Our Brave New World Video Challenge is brought to you in partnership with the Touring Consortium Theatre Company ahead of their forthcoming major new adaptation of Aldous Huxley's future-shock literary classic. This Creative Project is open to everyone...

Aldous Huxley set Brave New World in London 2540. What do you think the future holds, for London and the rest of the world – in five, fifteen or fifty years, let alone 500 years? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future? We want to hear your predictions...


Film a short video (no more than 3-5 minutes) explaining your predictions. You don’t need to do anything fancy. Just speak straight to camera - using your smartphone, iPad, desktop, whatever equipment you have - and tell us what you think. 

Need some prompts to get you pondering and predicting? How about these... In five, fifty, five hundred years' time, what it will be like to:

  • Visit the doctor?
  • Visit the dentist?
  • Go on holiday?
  • Work?
  • Travel?
  • Shop?
  • Go to school?
  • Be an artist?
  • Be a scientist?
  • Be an astronaut?
  • Be a psychiatrist?
  • Be a teacher?
  • Get entertainment?
  • Play sport? 
  • Elect politicians?
  • ... what else? Over to you!

Once you've filmed your prediction, upload your video to YouTube (or similar), making note of the video URL link.

Add your submission via this page, including a title and short description along with the video URL.

(Having trouble? Don't have a YouTube account? If your video is under 1 minute in duration and 25 MB in file size, you can also email it to us, with the above and your Twitter handle, if you have one, to [email protected].)


Every week of the Brave New World tour, the Theatre Cloud editorial team will select up to three of our favourite videos, and a different member of the Brave New World cast will continue the "I Predict" conversation by filming their own response to these theatregoer submissions.

We'll also invite futurist experts - including David Wood, chair of the London Futurists Forum, whose forecasts you may want to check out for inspiration - to give their feedback on which predictions are the most likely and most compellingly argued.



As a thank you just for taking part, everyone who submits a video will receive a special discount code, so that you can catch Brave New World when it comes to your local theatre this autumn for an absolute snip at just £10. (We want everyone to see this show!)

GRAND PRIZE - The maker of the Most Compelling iPredict video, as judged by David Wood and experts at the London Futurists Forum, will win a new Zoom H2n Audio Recorder with Accessory Pack - guaranteed to take their vlogging to the next level!


Final submissions deadline is Friday 20 November 2015.

Get Involved

We can't wait to see your predictions. Once you have your video ready, click on the Add Submission, give it a title, fill in the short form and upload your video link.

(Having trouble? Don't have a YouTube account? If your video is under 1 minute in duration and 25 MB in file size, you can also email it to us, with the above and your Twitter handle, if you have one, to [email protected].)

Deadline: Friday 20 November 2015.


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Will Robots Take Our Jobs?
By Rhys Davies

What will happen when robots take our jobs? Will money still exist? Will we need something new to do? BBC link:

By Abigail McKern

Prediction for 500 years time...

Julia's Day
By Calum Chace

A day in the life of a company executive ten to fifteen years hence.

Fairer and more equal
By Victoria Clarke

The future is going to be way more right on.

Epsilons exiled to Mars
By Davin Eadie

The Alphas will stay in Britain, but others will be out of this world.

No more prejudice
By Stephen Mills

In 100 years' time, the world will be freed of prejudice and hate in favour of tolerance.

Disease and hunger will be eradicated
By Cameron Parks

In 500 years' time, we'll have cured all diseases and be waited on by lots more robots.

Euthanasia will be legalised
By John Griff

Brave New World and Logan's Run are accurate

The future is going to get better and better
By Martin Borley

We're going to live longer and have a lot more free time.

People will always congregate to enjoy live theatre
By James Dacre

Directly inspired by his work on the show, Brave New World director James Dacre makes his own predictions for the future. Do you agree?

My predictions for 10, 25 and 100+ years
By Stephen Oberauer

My thoughts about some major changes that will probably happen in 10, 25 and 100 years from now, based on the exponential trend that we've seen in the past.

Greater equality and...
By Nick Rice

I predict marriage will become more irrelevant and we'll still also be listening to a certain iconic hitmaker...

Moving to another planet
By Sebastian Illing

My prediction for 500 years time

Eternal life
By Dexter Illing

How I think humans will be able to live forever

Hover skateboards
By Florence Thoburn

I predict that in 500 years time kids will float about on hover skateboards

Mars travel
By Ollie Thoburn

my prediction about the future of mars

Future of travel
By jenny king

Flying through the Clouds in 500 years from now

Connected vs Disconnected
By Terri Paddock

I predict that many humans will become so overloaded by technology that they will have to permanently disconnect, leading to widening splinter groups within society.