Two Cities Twelves Blogs

Two Cities Twelves Blogs

Two Cities Twelves Blogs

A Tale of Two Cities is currently touring the UK from 20 September until 26 November 2016. Each week we arrive in a new city or town, we'll be working with a new cast of people from the local community. We're calling them the Twelves! Why? Well, they'll be joining our professional cast on stage as citizens of this Dickensian world, either as unruly mobs or jury members. Twelve is, of course, the size of a jury! 

Some of the Twelves will be blogging about their experience and what's been happening in the week. It could include anything from rehearsals, getting into costume, meeting the professional cast or taking to the stage for the first time! 

Twelves, it's over to you! 

Richmond Twelves in costume

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Remember: be sure to let everyone know which theatre you're taking part at by putting the name of the town or city in the title of your upload!

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A Tale of Two Cities Nottingham
By Alice Gee

12 actors, 10 hours of rehearsals, 7 performances, 2 pairs of shoes and 1 amazing show to be a part of. The ensemble A Tale of Two Cities (ATOTC) journey started in the summer of 2016 when we auditioned…

Richmond Twelve - Days 1 to 6
By Terry Bedell

Well the batten has now been officially passed to The Edmundian Players. When I say batten, I mean this adorable pair of kittens that have been tied together at the tail..... A Tale of Two Kitties.…

A Revolution In Oxford
By Wayne Brown

Thursday/Friday 15th/16th September 2016 I first met my fellow Oxford #TwoCitiesTwelves ensemble of #TwoCitiesTour at rehearsal at a secret location somewhere in Oxford. It’s like the Hogwarts’…