The Loneliness Project

Lovely Lies By Kieran (Baldypooems) Davis

Lovely Lies

(or ‘Shame’)

“Hello sweetie-pie,

Just letting you know,

My train is just arriving

And I’ll be home soon.

I love you too.”

The delight in her eyes,

Necessary for the authenticity

Of the declaration,

Forced and fading quickly,

The mouth turning down,

The smile disappearing,

To be expeditiously replaced

By a sudden sadness,

Her pretty face,

Poisoned by her frown,

Such sorrow evident,

The eyes glistening,

Wet with emotion and

So the ruse, the lie,

The “I love you too.”

I wondered,

When would she tell him?

It seemed such a sorry state,

Keeping sadness a secret

Like dirty shame,


©Kieran Davis

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