The Loneliness Project

Loneliness By Kieran (Baldypooems) Davis


Loneliness, the very word sounds hollow,

Reverberating within itself like falling in

To the belly of the worm, deemed both

Blessing and curse, the suffering of

Solitude demands company, for misery

Prefers friends and makes them from

Whatever clay may come to hand, forging

Relationships based on fallacy and gorging

Itself on the falsely emoted semblances of

Companionship until its gluttony does

Indeed make it sick. In turn, these so called

Loved ones are spurned, sent away (whether

By force or of their own volition) after

Realising the futility of their friendship

Following much maltreatment, deserved or not…

The quietude of loneliness enchants the writer

And, indeed, the reader, ensuring one becomes

More learned, though what has one learned that

Could be perceived to be of greater value than

The knowledge of one’s own guilt; the sadness

And barbaric brilliance… Writers, so one is

Led to believe, are more prolific when

Emancipated and alone, readers will come to

Realise, like the well educated students that are

Led to make their own conclusions, that

Loneliness is a reservoir of imagination; A

Conduit for frustration and a bottomless well of

Sadness, madness and tragedy that becomes


©Kieran Davis


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