Tell A Tale — The Shortlist

Tell A Tale — The Shortlist

The ShortlistCharles Dickens is celebrated as one of Britain’s greatest writers. With novels such as Oliver Twist, Bleak House, Great Expectations and A Tale of Two Cities he created some of the most amusing and enduring characters in fiction.

Dickens lived in the Victorian era, a time of change and moral responsibility where social problems such as poverty, rioting and poor working and living conditions were widespread. During his life, Dickens was an advocate for children’s rights and free public education and through his novels attempted to address the social inequalities he observed.

In celebration of Dickens and to mark the Autumn 2016 theatre tour of Mike Poulton’s adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities, we've launched a 500-word short story project with the theme 'making change happen'.  Each week, the Theatre Cloud team and judges are selecting four stories to send to the cast. It's then up to them to decide which is their favourite, with stories being read by the actors each week published right here! The shortlist is kindly filmed by Daniel Cech-Lucas who is Assistant Stage Manager and Understudy.

Watch the shortlist so far and as it continues to grow throughout the tour below. You can check out the full tour schedule here. 


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Want to take part with the opportunity to have your submission read by a cast member? Then come Tell A Tale. This page is for shortlisted submissions only.  

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Smithdown Road
By Natasha Varshney

Read by Understudy and ASM Daniel Cech-Lucas

The Price of Freedom
By Kelsie Jesson

Read by Jon Tarcy who plays Attorney General/ Foreman/ Coachman

By Bridie Banwell

Read by Patrick Romer who plays Manette

It's Tonight
By Debroah Barrett

Read by Noa Bodner who plays Madame Defarge

Before Dawn
By Nat Statton

Read by Sue Wallace who plays Mrs Keating/ Miss Pross

Bone Crushing
By Tara Gould

Read by Jonathan Dryden Taylor who plays Jerry Cruncher and Peasant Father

The Reapers Dance
By Anotina Parker

Read by Jacob Ifan who plays Darnay

A Price of War
By Toby Lowther

Read by Michael Garner who plays Lorry

The Train
By Angela Kecojevic

Read by Chris Hunter who plays Judge/ Marquis/ Frenchman/ President

La Tricoteuse
By Samantha Pope

Read by Rebecca Birch who plays Seamstress/ Jenny/ Herring

Peaceful Protest
By Connor Wray

Read by Shanaya Rafaat who plays Lucie Manette

Mr Hardcastle's Accidental Revolution
By Scott Aaron Tait

Read by Sean Murray who plays Barsad/ Gabelle

We are the Underdogs
By Beth Dann

Read by Harry Atwell who plays Stryver and Defarge

By Meg MacLeod

Read by Joseph Timms who plays Carton.