Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Your Heart By Emily Bye

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice the luxuries in life, for the people who desperately need you. If I had noticed the passion and kindness of others around me, he wouldn’t have gone.

He was my world, my life revolved around him but I knew he was quickly giving up on me. He was not an object, you cannot love a materialistic object, they do not need love, living beings need love. I found out the hard way. That we’re not immortal. That everything we live for will one-day end with a sudden rush of darkness as the world collapses around us. Entrapment gradually swallowed me as he slowly began to leave, I would feel an emptiness flowing around my body as I, unwillingly, took another, deeper, step in to the world that we know. The world that we take for granted, the world where we should be the protectors but really, we use it as the world which we allow to be destroyed. Destroyed by human choices, choices made by those we are supposed to look up to. He was meant to make a difference, he would be the saviour of this dying world but he, is gone. He would choose to help those who were homeless, trying to get aid but instead got ignored by publicity. The same publicity who use social media to promote the wealthy and ignorant instead of helping those less fortunate. Like those you see in the streets and ignore as they beg you for change which you later waste on something you don’t need. If everyone was like him, everyone would be happy. Joy would flood the cities which are overcoming; poverty, disease and natural disaster. If only you had him. He was going to be the solution to our problems, he would beat the struggles humanity face today. He was only sometimes found in my life, but when he was, he made the world a better place.

He was my heart. But he is gone now. I was too slow. I was oblivious to the fact that I had him. He arrived and disappeared so quickly that I never had the chance to change the world, I was so selfish, arrogant, oblivious to the suffering and pain around me. He gave up on me because I didn’t make a difference. He left me becau

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