Tell A Tale in 500 Words

You Can't Even See By Edie Boniface

Jake was at home. He was writing stories and reading books. Now, this sounds quite normal but Jake was blind. These things are quite challenging, especially if you had gone blind recently like Jake. It was 1919 and jake had become blind in the war. It takes a while to learn how to do things ‘normally’ again. Jake was also looking for a job.

Jake grabbed his stick and went out on to the streets. He could feel the pairs of eyes glaring at him as he walked across the road. He could hear the people whispering about him. Eventually he heard a man shouting,

“Work! Writing for the newspaper! Anyone who has a creative mind is welcome! Work!”

Jake followed the voice until he heard the breathing of the shouting man in front of him.

“What do you want?” bellowed the man.

“To work,” replied Jake like it was obvious.

“Nah nah, we can't have you mucking up our newspaper, you're blind. Why would I let you work for me?” laughed the man.

“You said anyone who has a creative mind can work and I have a creative mind so why can’t I work” said Jake who was becoming more agitated.

“You can’t do anything, you stupid man” declared the newspaper man.

Jake went to open his mouth but decided he wouldn't get anywhere. He turned around and started walking home. In the background he heard the man laugh then go back to shouting “Work!”.

Jake was fed up. Does it matter that I can’t see? No, what matters is what I can do, he thought. With that in mind he started to write a story about a man who was blind and no-one would take him in. Jake worked all day and all night till it was perfect. The next morning he decided to see if anyone would publish it. He walked around the town. His walking stick guided him to a local bookshop. He felt around, went in, spoke to the man and explained his story.

“We can’t publish this, it won’t be any good. Why would someone want to read that?” said the man.

“Because it would be interesting. Please give it ago before you say no” begged jake.

“I know it won’t be good because you wrote it. How would you be able to write a good book, you can’t even see” bellowed the man.

“I haven’t eaten for 3 days, please” pleaded Jake.

“That’s not my problem, now get out!” declared the man.

Jake went home and decided to write to the local newspaper about his blindness. He put every single detail into it. He didn't leave anything out. By the time he had finished, it was two pages long! He decided that he would send it the very next day to the local newspaper. The next thing he knew, it was published and Jake was admired. Even the newspaper man and bookshop owner were astonished!

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