Tell A Tale in 500 Words

What are apples? By Pauline B

“I know they’re fruits, they have seeds, stalks and leaves; but what are apples?”

“Apples are red and green. You get occasional yellow, but they’re meant to be red and green.”

“Then why do you prefer one over the other? Is it their colour? Their taste?”

“Well, you could say it depends on who you’re asking.”

“But, I’m asking you. Aren’t apples just apples? Don’t they all grow on trees? Is it not just skin? Apples; aren’t they?”

“Yes, but they’re very different. My dear, green fell on ground breaking science, gravity itself. While the other, red, didn’t fall far from the tree.”

“You are forgetting, they both fell just like they’re supposed to. It isn’t eureka. They are both apples.”

“Ahh such an unknowing mind. Much to learn in life, enlightenment I’m sure. You’ll do well if you listen and stay in your place.”

“Then you of all should know, if an apple is an apple it is just an apple. So, why see otherwise?”

By Pauline B

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