Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Welcome to the Future By Andrew Jenkins

Welcome To the Future

"Welcome to the future" A man, shiny like plastic, from the complexion of his skin, to the material of his pale green suit, addressed the onlookers. He was standing on a well lit stage that beamed brightly in the dimming evening sunlight.

Next to him sat a car, unlike any car us older folks were used to. It still had four wheels and windows. The similarities ended there. It had the shape of an elongated lemon, and shimmered under the glow of the lights which gave it almost the quality of a pearl.

"This vehicle will eliminate the need for people to take the risk of getting behind the wheel" the shiny man continued, "this car will become the standard for you, your family and eventually the world..." He gestured with his hand as if expecting the pearly lemon to bow on cue.

I leant closer to my wife and spoke in to her ear, "Am I right in thinking this change is for the cotton wool generation?" she responded by elbowing me in the ribs, then said, "the law is the law, after the attack on the minister, you know they wouldn't allow people control of their own cars anymore." I shrugged, although she wasn't looking, turning my attention to the others gathered in the square. Young and old, tired and hungry, most of the settlement were here. We all watched, although I'm not sure how many were listening.

"The price of this transport revolution will be a mere 66 sterling a week, which will be deducted from your provision without you even needing to think about it."

The plastic man smiled, and even from the distance of several metres, I could see his teeth were perfectly straight and as gleaming as the rest of him. The last person I met with teeth like that took my son and said he was needed to protect our sovereignty.

Most of the people stood around me had a drab kind of appearance, dressed in browns and grays, bags under their eyes and hunched shoulders.

Not a shining smile among us.

An attractive lady appeared from behind a curtain on the stage as the plastic man explained that long distance travel could now be done trouble free and relaxed.

The lady slid the side of the lemon shaped car open and sat inside, not facing out, but in. I think the man was expecting some form of reaction from the crowd, as he walked around with a disbelieving look on his face, "that's right folks, you can enjoy the ride facing your family or friends..." there was no applause, or even a murmur. He had lost peoples interest and he knew it. He quickly asked, "are there any questions?"

And that's when it happened, a rumble as loud as thunder shook the square, and everybody there, the drab crowd, the plastic man and his flawless assistant, and my wife and I knew what was just about to occur...

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