Tell A Tale in 500 Words

We are the Underdogs By Beth Dann

Revolution; we scream it as we roam the the streets, we breathe it as we lie awake in fear and we feel it at the dead of night. We are the oppressed and we are rising. The rain may fall around us, and we may fall with it, but we shall remain mobilised. Perhaps the world isn’t ready for change, perhaps it needs time, but we have waited long enough. We, the insignificant, are unable to feed our families while those more fortunate dine like kings every night, wasting that which we could eat and that which we could sell. And those more fortunate souls are more fortunate not by luck but by deception, by sacrificing those who they don’t know for their own advancement. Brought up in a world of frivolities that no one man could ever enjoy completely; fortune favours the brave they say, but we are willing to fight and I see none coming our way. The common man lives a life that no rich man could comprehend, but a rich man lives a life that a common man wishes he could feign. We don’t want the money, nor the jewels that they may possess, we only want what is ours. We want the crippling taxes to be gone, so we can eat, but not dine. We want our children to be thought of as equal. No fancy education limiting the options of those without, no prejudice towards those without expensive material goods. That is not to say that if we didn’t have the option of prestigious schooling and frivolity that we wouldn’t take it, however if only some can, then surely none can? You may start to think of the Darwinian principle: Survival of the fittest. Why should it be equal? And we shall tell you: survival of the fittest is a concept, it cannot be put into practice if we do not even get a chance to survive. Everyone must be allowed the chance to thrive, that is what we are asking for. Otherwise the rich keep getting richer, and the poor will soon be gone. The rich would probably take great relish in this, the vermin from beneath them removed from the world. But we need the means to live, we currently barely survive. Perhaps what we ask is too much, in which case we will demand. We have tried to be peaceful, but they do not listen, so now we must act by violence and sacrifice. We believe in revolution. We believe in equality. We are the underdogs.

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