Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Trapped in a Snow globe by Stephanie Taylor By stephanie taylor

Its nearly Christmas, this has been my fifteenth Christmas. My eyes are red the artificial snow irritates them. I been looking out of this shop window for what seems like an eternity from my raised red, box I have seen fights, tiffs and downright cruelty .I long to change the world , but I cannot, for you see I am trapped in a Christmas snow globe.

Who am I ? I hear you ask why I laugh I am the Christmas fairy .

Most people don't believe in Christmas let alone fairies , but I will make them believe if I could just get out of this bloody globe. Its Friday night the local stag and hens are out in force, they stagger out of the local pub The Ragging Bull which is three steps to my shop window, that's when it happened. Being a fairy I should have had a sixth sense but I didn't.

Two big lads fight drop back against the window there is a horizontal crack the window and glass fall apart and I fall forward on to the pavement beneath SMASH!.

My world shatters around me for the first time I taste cold night air. my feet are cut they warned me this would happen in the workshop. My feet the pain sticky liquid seeps out and mingles with the air, all of a sudden I am picked up by a man with stinking breath it really is awfully bad and he puts me on his head and dances around eh Dave look at this! lets have a go says Dave and now I am plonked on his head .I long to cry out and ask them to stop , then in a flash I am thrown down a side ally and land at the side of a red wheely bin thing.

But they have done me a favour because now I can begin my metamorphosis . I have a few tricks up my shelves man or woman? woman I think , I have always loved glamour and beauty and want to make the world beautiful. so that's what I become my silvery long hair , my glittery make up , my silver glittery dress and my silver high heeled boots and to top it off a white winter land fur coat! excellent! now to work this is a time expansive thing.

First I pop to the local council estate its run down here and lots of homeless crowd around the bins, sharing vodka bottles , the hut takes a few seconds to pop up inside its full to the brim with warm food, hot drinks and warm clothes. Its as if its just come out of no where!. I go to a part of town where Zara lives she a single mum in high cost rental property, she"s going to get a letter next week saying her rents been paid for a year.

Its begun to snow, I see the sleight tracks he"s here! a tiny tear runs down my cheek.

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