Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The saviour By Callam Thompson

The alarm rang loudly waking me for another day, I remember it clearly now sat here staring into nothing it’s easy to see everything as it really was. I stepped across to the diary on my desk and flicked through it, it reeked of sadness and regret. Closing it I moved away hoping to distance myself from the darker aspect of my life but in doing so only brought myself closer. The deep scratch in the wall was more prominent than ever, the deep hole in my wardrobe gaping open like a mouth as if it was screaming out for me to do something anything but what I had planned and I could feel it in my blood, as if my heart knew before my mind did, it was today, today was the day it all happened.

All I can think is today will be the day I finally submit, Part of me wanted to rush in the other room and scream ‘you finally beat me!’ but I didn’t I couldn’t it wouldn’t change anything. I wrote a note, I wanted them to pay for what had no will happen not just leave for no reason I wanted people to know what had pushed me this far. A sharp knock landed on my door knocking my thoughts away. I screamed ‘Leave me alone’! they obeyed me.

I finished my note and left rapidly so I couldn’t be caught, how long I wondered? A day? A week maybe even a month before they noticed. I’m sure it will be the talk of the town humph small victories eh. As I walked towards the graveyard the air seemed to thin and the mist that surrounded me grew thicker, like the world knew and it was apologising for all that had happened.

Id reached it, Fallowfield graveyard what a fitting place to leave, in the arms of my father, it would be poetic in the eyes of some, not me though I know life isn’t as deep as a poem it’s just pain. Here we are the edge of the village, a deep cliff leading into the ocean, if the rocks didn’t get me then the ocean would surely consume me. Looking down into the sea I finally felt happy, as if all the pain was being washed away by the tide, as if my future had a chance, it’s too late for that I told myself. I kneeled briefly before picking myself back up and closing my eyes readying myself for the fall and then my final moment a deep crash then relief, I felt warm fuzzy confused all at the same time and that’s when I felt the hand on my shoulder, I spun round fumbling for an excuse. A large man stood before me and spoke with a deep voice ‘I know boy I know, but this isn’t the way, come we can fix this’. He smiled and lead me off and that’s the day a stranger saved my life

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