Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The Rhino Hunt By Matthew Chilvers

My name is Mark and one day I decided to shoot an animal I saw a rhino lying in the grass. I got my gun out ready to shoot him. I needed money if I shot this rhino I would sell his horn and get $30,000 pound or it could even be a gold horn and if so I could get $22,000 pound. I knew this was illegal but it was late at night and right now I was skint. I was about to shoot then the Rhino woke up and out of no were charged towards me. I screamed and sprinted as fast as I could did not want to be his dinner tonight. I ran for my life. Then I looked behind he had caught me up he charged at me I tried to fight back but could not. The rhino walked away and I could not get up I just stayed lying there on the grass. Then it happened a girl called Emily about 12 years old found me her mum came over called Anna “Are you ok there Emily said”. What happened here Anna said” I knew I could not tell the truth I would get arrested. “I was looking at the Rhino and he attacked me I said” Anna knew all about rhino attacks and saw one happen at West Midlands Safari park. Anna got her phone out and dialled 999. Emily and Anna stayed with me to see if I was ok until the ambulance came I was then bundled into the back of an ambulance and driven to the nearby hospital. The Nurse examined me and said I had got injures to my chest and abdomen and pelvis. I can’t remember how long I stayed in hospital for. Eventual I got home to find some bad news awaiting me. Someone had filmed me about to shoot the rhino and the police found out and arrested me there was nothing I could do. A police car then came and then took me to the local police station. Then I felt the door slam shut behind me and I knew I had been caught. I tried to get out of there but I was locked in I could not do anything. I was so frustrated I did not check to see if anyone was watching me like I should have and now I have to put up with the consequences of my actions. When the day came I was let out of the police station I was so relieved. I went on my laptop and found out the rhino I was about to shoot population is down 97.6 per cent since 1960. I then knew I had to change I was going to stop shooting rhino and try to stop other people shooting rhino and I was going to tell everyone else who shoot animals this story and hope that one day the population of rhino and other animals will increase instead of decreasing.


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