Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The Reapers Dance By Antonia Parker

In a world of destruction, I aimed for peace. In a world of death, I aimed to live. I would have danced and danced with my girl all night long. But my enemies, they said no more.

They tore down the walls and sang a song of revolution, their voices strong and wild. For many years I sat upon my golden throne and I drunk the world away, enjoying it’s riches and paying no attention to people at my feet.

I was a king. But my enemies said no more.

The rebels sent my home up in flames, the embers licking up the memories we’d made. These people, my people, wanted more. In a world of poverty, they wanted to eat. In a world of suffering, they wanted happiness. In a dictatorship, they wanted freedom. They wanted a world I couldn’t give.

I was once loved. But my enemies said no more.

My rule could have been legendary. Father always told me I was destined for greatness, that our blood was a gift from God and we must respect it as such. But I was sixteen and how an ego can blossom. I had everything I ever wanted. I had a beautiful queen that needed sculptures and statues made so that our people could worship her like I did.

I loved her. But my enemies said no more.

Now she dances with The Reaper, her ruby hair in a noose around her neck. She was a queen, a queen as awful as me. The rebels left her hanging for the world to see as I watched and screamed. Now The Reaper holds her so, mending her soul once more.

We did not care for our people. We ignored them and left them to rot simply because we could. Now I see my flaws. There is power in the people. I always believed it was I who decided who lived or died. But I was wrong. The revolution ripped apart my home and when I close my eyes, I still see the embers leap.

Now I sit in filth, chained and cast on my knees. I hear The Reaper knocking at my door. I’ve done my time and the crown has fallen. I know The Reaper is aching to drag me away.

Although I am scum in their eyes, I will not back down. I am a King and a King has his duty. I will dance to their tune and I will listen to their cries. Change can be done and peace can be made. They loved me once and they can love me again.

I have seen the error of my ways. I was a cruel King. But I shall not dance with The Reaper. I have changed. The rebels may not have the revolution they wanted, but they have changed their King for the better.

Now watch me as I rise, bringing peace and happiness back to a world where we all once danced The Reapers broken tune.

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