Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The power and the glory By Julie Ryan

It had started as a joke. They had decided that they should elect a leader to take care of their interests and his allies had put his name forward scarcely believing that it would be accepted. Over the summer months he’d grown in stature, overtaking his peers and gaining in strength. Little by little he managed to see off the opposition until his was the voice they all listened to. He’d grouped those of a like mind around him until the voice of the opposition could no longer be heard. He admired his round tummy and preened himself, pleased with his orange hue. Now he was the biggest and most powerful and soon glory would be his for the taking.

The days grew shorter and soon it was nearing the end of October. The time was surely nigh when he would become the chosen one? He puffed out his chest, confident that he would win. Of course there were one or two who tried to challenge him but it was all to no avail and his supporters made sure that they were soon crushed. Some simply disappeared one night, others were found in the morning all signs of life gone. The culprits were never found but it made sure he remained untouchable. Not long to go now and he was almost bursting with excitement. He grew so confident that he started to believe his own rhetoric.

There were a few mumblings along the lines of he was getting too big for his own good. Others whispered that it wouldn’t end well but he didn’t care; he simply grew rounder and became more orange as the days passed, full of his own importance.

The main opposition, being female, wasn’t as large as him and was much paler in comparison. He’d tried to blacken her name to her supporters but there were a few who were playing their cards close to their chest. He never allowed himself to believe in failure but there were a few moments when, if he were honest, he knew it could go either way. It would be nailbitingly close and he had to win at all costs!

The day came and the votes were cast. Gasps of horror could be heard as votes didn’t go according to plan. With almost all the votes cast and having won an equal share each, everything hung on the last one. Finally, the winner was announced. To everyone’s surprise apart from his own, he was announced the victor and paraded through the city. This was his moment.

It was only when he felt the knife cut though his skin that he hoped his sacrifice hadn’t been in vain. He was undoubtedly the winner. However, to be carved as a vomit-spewing Jack O’Lantern was the ultimate indignity that his opposition had been spared. He would go down in history as a martyr – the greatest pumpkin ever!

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