Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The Network By Grant Bremner

‘I’m going to switch the network transmission through our satellite in just over five minutes Joshua so get the tape ready to play. I’m going to barricade the door.’

Joshua’s hands were trembling as he pushed the video tape into the machine and set the controls. ‘Are you sure this is the only way Mathew?’

‘Don’t forget the power of the media Joshua, it’s all we have left to use against them.’

‘I know but is it enough?’

‘The video explains in graphic detail what they propose to do to the lower-class populace, it’s enough.’

‘But it’s too long Mathew, they’ll break in, kill us and stop the transmission.’

‘It’s a risk we must take, we can’t let them get away with it. Joshua, they want to euthanize millions, just because there’s no work for them. First the industrial revolution put us in chains and now the technological one has put the working class out of work and the government don’t want to feed us, hence their heinous plan.’

‘Okay I’m with you but I wish we could have edited the tape further. It’s over twenty minutes in duration that’s plenty of time for the troopers to storm the building.’

Mathew finished shoving the heavy metal desk across the locked door to the transmission suite where he worked then said, ‘It will be you and me next, when they move on to the technicians, we’ll be dead soon enough anyway.’

‘But do you think the public will understand what’s about to transpire and decide to make change happen?’ Joshua glanced at the large clock on the wall, there were two minutes to go.

‘They’ll see the reception centres being constructed, the mass graves already dug and the so-called doctors explaining why their extermination is the only way. Yes, I’m damned sure they will demand change, forcefully I expect.’

Mathew’s eyes were glued to the large second hand on the clock as it swept towards seven o’clock when the usual transmission from the proletariat government was played. He’d overheard a conversation between two senior executives that had led him to find the tape and copy it. Potentate Burrows was due for a very big shock any second. Mathew reached out a hand as the second hand approached the hour. ‘I’ve switched the transmission Joshua, play the tape.’

Immediately millions of households throughout the land, instead of seeing Burrows addressing them, found themselves watching a programme detailing how the government was going to get rid of the majority of them.

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