Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The Incy Wincy Spider By Katie Devine

There once was a little spider who believed that they could be anything, achieve anything, and do anything they wanted to do. And why? Because she lived in a country where she was told anything is possible, so long as you tried.

And so the little spider practiced spinning her web, to make it nice and strong. She went to school to learn so that she could be the best that she could be. Being a little spider wasn’t so appealing when you could be a butterfly, or a bee, or even a bird. Wouldn’t it be fun to fly on the wings of success and freedom?

When she was old enough she said goodbye to her family. “I cannot stay. Though I love you all so dearly, there are bigger and better things for me. All I have to do it work hard and climb to the top!”

She set of eagerly, wondering what possibilities await for her. When she found the Pipe of Promise (the American Dream as she had heard foreign spiders call it) she began to climb. She started off well. Really well in fact. She pushed her legs to the limit, worked all hours of the day to make more progress.

But then one day a bee came along. “What do you think you are doing?” it buzzed at her.

“I want to be successful like you,” the spider replied.

“You can’t make it to the top. You are but a little spider. Go on with you.” The bee moved it bottom and whacked the little spider back down to the bottom.

It would take more than that to deter the little spider for she began to climb up the pipe again.

This time it was rain that slowed her down. It washed her away back down to the bottom. She shivered while she waited to dry. “You can become anything you want,” she remembered being told by – well by everyone really. The sun came out and dried up all the rain and with new-found hope the spider tried again.

This time was much more successful. She was nearly at the top. She could even see it! It was true, you could make it to the top. I can be a boss instead of the worker, she told herself.

“I’m sorry. But spiders aren’t allowed beyond this point.”

“But I was told anyone can be anything,” the little spider complained.

“They don’t mean everyone. I mean, some people have to be the spider, otherwise how can we the butterflies?”

“What a na├»ve little spider,” she heard a dragonfly say to his friend.

As she climbed back down a ladybird spotted her.

“You can do it,” said a sly little ladybird. “Anyone can reach the top,” it said sarcastically.

Not everyone can reach the top, the little spider realised; she had been fed false hope. She walked away dejected, finally knowing her place in the hierarchy.

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