Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The Experiment Gone Wrong By Bethany Coulton

As I stared at what remained I thought- was it really worth all of that? It was my fault, I made that happen and I couldn’t take it back. Laughter filled the air as the smoke rose and suffocated everything in its path and I was the only survivor.

They gave me the all clear sign, so I searched around to see if my next victim was near then, I ran into the darkness all that alight was my hope, hope that I would survive and see the light of day again, hope that I would see my families again. However, the thing I hoped for most was freedom out of the debt that I owed to myself and my family ;I couldn’t deal with the pressure- I did and said things I didn’t mean but he made me, he made me do it.

He said if I did it, the one job, I wouldn’t get hurt but it carried on, he threatened me, and he wouldn’t stop. I tried to make him stop but it made him angrier and more abusive.

I spotted my first assigned target; she was tall and had brown hair and eyes. I subtly put on my mask then, opened the canister that I had been carrying with me this whole time. She coughed for air however, it was too late the world around her was infested with toxic air that nobody survives in. I ran through the empty corridor, looking at all the fallen victims that lay at my feet as a tear trickled down my face. Quickly I wiped it away and ran to the door.

There was no living sole in sight. My heart was racing out of my chest, I stormed into the room there were two children in the corner of the room, they were cuddling each other with fear it reminded me of how I felt when he was yelling orders at me as I hugged my knee as tight as I could thinking that would protect me but they didn’t. I locked them in an experiment room gave them a mask and opened the canister again just in case. They remained staring at me until I ran out of the room, tears falling down my face on to the cold hard floor. I ran to the next room leaving them helpless and alone.

The guilt was eating me alive; I couldn’t breathe, my chest started to ache I felt it getting tighter at first I thought it was the gas but it got worse. I stormed through to the next room. Before I reached the door my knees went weak and I fell to the floor, my vision went all blurred. I couldn’t stand. My stomach started to churn. I crawled to the next door and tried to grasp the handle; it was just out of my reach. I got a shiver down my spine. I sensed someone was with us. I noticed a figure in the corner! It was him.

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