Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The EMS Factor By Brenda French

The door of Room 4 flew open suddenly and out popped a red-faced and very shook-up ginger-haired lad by the name of Harry. He kicked the door shut behind him, peeling from his head the black velvet cap, decorated with large silver question marks, and threw it down. He picked off the ink pellets still embedded in his hair. Stuck randomly to the rest of him were many strips of paper, each of which contained a rude word!

“That’s it, Ems! Job done! That “War of Words” you sent me in to fix is over. I’ve magicked the warring Chief Editors away, plus the desks and stuff. But now - can I have my own Wishful Room once you’ve cleaned up?” Harry begged, “What with the unexploded stink bombs and litter it’s a right mess in there”.

A tall, bronze-coloured robot about 6’ tall appeared walking slowly toward him. His chest box was decorated with two large red metal letter M’s. He spoke, “Not so fast Master Harry. Bravo and well done for stopping the war! I knew Professor Magyk’s Thinking cap would come in handy one day”.

“Well, what about it Ems? I’ve earned the right to have my own Wishful Room. What about Room 5 next door?” asked Harry.

“No, you can’t have that room, it is full of roofs!” countered Ems.

“Roofs?” asked an incredulous Harry.

“Yes. Room 5 is full of all the roofs from St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. Young Master Tim, bless him, he’s only six you know, wanted to help the homeless people in the world – and thought it would be a good idea to use the roofs to keep them dry when it rained!”

“Bit silly, but what did the Russians say?” asked Harry.

“Oh they’re bloomin’ mad! Fumin’ they are! They’re having to put up giant tarpaulins to cover the gaps. Don’t worry, Master Tim and I’ll get it sorted later, once the heat dies down.

“So, can I have another room?” pressed Harry.

Ems was deep in thought. He said, “Master Harry, when you first came here you said you wanted to be a hero, a knight, someone who would help people and make things better. You wanted to make a difference. That is why you wanted the Wishful Room to practice your jousting and other heroic skills. Right?”

“Yea, that’s right” agreed the lad.

“I’ve got a big favour to ask you Harry. Consider this! What if you could go out into the real world and help people – give them what they need – not necessarily what they want. Would you do it? Would you help me in my mission, as I promised the Professor before he died?”

“I’d need help myself. Can I bring my friend Moira?” said Harry.

“Of course, the more the merrier”!

“Well, will you do it Harry?”

Harry walked across the corridor, bent down and picked up the Thinking cap. He put it on his head and smiled a wide smile.

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