Tell A Tale in 500 Words

the do-ers By louis sheldon

it was another day of hell. Chairs flung around, kids were beaten up for money, shattered glass on the floor... and all the adults locked in a closet. so this sounds more like a prison camp than a school but yes... its a school. now rick Johnson wasn't one of the kids who fought, he didn't yell at anyone and he wanted to do well in life. he was a nerd... and proud of it. Obviously he never told any of the bully's that but he always thought they knew it.

he was sat in the burnt library and was trying to read when something snapped. He had been reading that book for seven days straight and it had just been snatched from his weak hands and thrown madly out of the smashed window. that was when it started. he walked round the boarding school and encouraged all 'victims' to meet up at break in the hall. No naughty kids came because that was the only place in the school with CCTV.

'is everyone here?' he asked whilst pacing up and down the stage as if he were a teacher. everyone replied with yes. 'good, well thanks for coming … ..' he took a moment to breath ' i want to over through the rebels or bully's as they should be called.' a moment of silence spread across the hall. Suddenly it was broken by the most enormous cheer of a lifetime. this is what they had all been waiting for... freedom!

as the weeks went by, they formed a strategy, 'if we block them in an area and cut off all food and water, we might be able to starve them… eventually they will either die or give in!' so that’s what they did the built a wall of tables, chairs and anything they could find so that they could block them in. there where even some nerds who volunteered to trap them...sadly they would be locked in too... to be left at the mercy of the so-called 'rebels'. and rick was at the front, leading them all through the battle... through to freedom. the rebels hurled chairs over the top which did result in a number of casualties the guys who snuck round and cut off all water succeeded and realized that all the food was being delivered to the canteen. that went straight back to base where it was shared out equally...

by the third week it was nearly over, only two members where left; john rodregos and Timmy shool. two days later it was over. Timmy died because he ate a carpet and john just came into custody. The body's of the rebels where thrown in a ditch and covered in mud and all the nerds who died were given their own personal funeral and grave. sadly the main man, rick Johnson, died too... he was given the biggest grave for it was him who saved then all. he was the leader of the nerds.

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