Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The Beggining of the Zebra By Micah Coy

Two days after Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden there was a black stallion running along a line of bushes and trees. Every day he traveled to get a drink from a watering hole where he got his strength. Something he did three times a day. Then one day it changed.

The Stallion pranced down the same long bush line, when he looked behind him. He froze in fear as a hyena nipped at his heels! When he came to his senses, The Stallion bolted! To his good fortune the hyena had tripped. The Stallion thought he was safe, but little did he know what awaited him around the corner.

Just a few minutes later the Stallion was walking and out of breath. He had gone a couple miles. Then all of the sudden another hyena jumped out of the trees and petrified the stallion! The Stallion reared up and trampled the hyena! Luckily, The Stallion escaped.

When The Stallion finally arrived at the watering hole he saw his reflection. He realized he was not all black anymore. He was black with white stripes. He thought, “I must have been so scared that I lost some of my black. I can’t be called a stallion anymore. I have to change my name because I am different than the other stallions.”

The next day, the Stallion went to Adam and started talking with him. “Adam I need to change my name,” stated the Stallion. Adam agreed.

Then Adam thought for a day and came back to the Stallion. “Stallion you should be named something that means black and white striped, something like zebra,” claimed Adam. From that day on, black and white striped horses were known as the zebra.

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