Tell A Tale in 500 Words

The Army Coup By Simon Warren

Britain for the time being anyway is under the control of the army. The army spokesman has said the army seeks to wipe away much that was emblematic of the old divided Britain and that the army seeks to create a modern secular Britain. At the commencement of the coup the Queen and Prince Philip were shot by a hit squad. The members of the royal family are being rounded up and shot. The army wants the country to go on as normal while the army carries out its work. All the members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords as they are being found are being shot and this goes for parliamentary officials and staff. Army engineers are mining the palace of Westminster prior to demolition. There is to be massive disruption in Britain as the symbols of the old Britain are destroyed.Titles and the honours system have already been abolished. The army is rounding up members of the aristocracy and summarily shooting them. Britain's nuclear deterrent has already been abolished to the delight of the Scots. Senior figures within the Church of England are being shot. Churches will be demolished and the assets of the church taken by the state. Army units are rounding up bankers and dealers and shooting them. The army wants to see a redistribution of property and is encouraging the public to take whatever it wants from the homes of people the army considers had far too much than was good for them. The royal palaces will be demolished and the homes of Britain's former aristocracy. Private education has been abolished and public schools are to be demolished. Already a lot of people who have been wearing it over the public have been murdered by the public. There is a breakdown of public order encouraged by the army as the army moves to sweep the old order from power. The army believes there has to be a thorough blood-letting before Britain can move on. The army seeks to wipe from the face of Britain what for so long has held Britain back. The British people are exultant and are working with the army to create a society fit for purpose. This is a time when many scores are being settled a time of the most extreme unrest when essential services cannot be accounted for however the army is confident in a matter of weeks things will be back to normal and the British people will find new leaders able to begin the process of creating a more cohesive society one in which people are not stigmatized as being the beaters at a shoot. Trade union membership will be encouraged.

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