Tell A Tale in 500 Words

That big old black cat. By vera boyle

The big old black cat was sitting, and sprawling, on the fence, shouting out for all to hear, and the poor little mouse who happened to be standing there, was drenched in fear.

'Your not allowed to touch this fence, crawl beneath it, pass over it or go through it. No one is allowed to come near it, does that make sense!?!'

The poor little grey mouse was shattered, and shaken. He quickly scattered back to the hole in the wall of the rackety old house where the rooms were battered and the floors were tattered. There he lived with his Mum and Dad, His Mum's Mum, and His Mum's Dad. His Dad's Mum and Dad were eaten up the big old black cat.

'That old black cat, he thinks he owns the neighbourhood. Its just not fair living like this, with a controlling big old black cat breathing down our necks.'

'Don't worry dear, one day we will be set free.' As she huggled and snuggled her son, he wept uncontrollably.

'Calling all decks! Here ye, here ye, never you mind, no one to pass these halls, or I'll squash and I'll squish!' said the selfish cat.

Day in and day out, they heard the calls.

The Little mouse declared, 'One day, I will have my revenge and one day we will be free.'

The little mouse had an old wise friend, who was as fed up as the little grey mouse.

'What do you think Mole, what about a trap for this naughty cat?'

'I think a hole will do, dig a hole or two, cover it with twigs, and old moss, to protect from the enemy.'

Mole was a wise old soul who had lived through the wars. He was a very dear family friend who decided to take upon himself to sneakily dig a burrow under the fence, and to gather food from the garden beyond, for the Mouse Family.

'Don't you think its about time to let go?'

Mole's voice was loud and austere, like a battalion commander.

'Who said that? This is my property, show yourself or...!'

'Never you mind, let go or doom with come to those who do not give from the heart.'

Now this voice scared the old black cat. He had never heard a voice like that before.

'This is mine and no one will dare to dine!'

Years of torn, everyone was just worn.

One day, there was silence.

The big old black cat just passed out and died. He had been bellowing for years. It wasn't anyone's fault but his own. So sad to hear that he didn't apologise to anyone.

The little mouse wasn't glad, or wasn't sad.

He said, 'Wish he could of just said sorry for all the sins he committed on this earth.'

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