Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Taking back control By Todd Hanley

They say you are responsible for the life you save and I do feel responsible. Well, I would have that change tonight. I will take back control of my life and try to put right the wrongs that his actions have caused, maybe in some way appeasing my guilty conscious.

When I pulled him from that burning wreck of a car how was I supposed to know he was a murderer and rapist? My actions have upset the natural order and now it must be restored. Destiny had meant for him to die that night and now I am her agent. The gun feels cold and hard in my hand, it is the instrument of my retribution and source of my damnation. I’m not sure if this makes me as bad as him but he has to die for what he has done to others, for what he has done to me.

Since I rescued him I have come to know him like no other, he has let me into his world, although I still don’t understand why. At first, he tried to hide what he was from me but, for some reason, he seemed compelled to reveal his true nature. His latest victim is with him now, somewhere on this dock and it might still be possible to stop another atrocity being laid at my feet.

Somewhere a lonely foghorn blasts out its mournful tune and the fog slides across the dock smothering everything in a grey murk. Every sound is dulled and smothered by the moist air, my footfalls seem lifeless as I search for my quarry. Even though it's midnight there is light everywhere though there is no discernible source. The very air seems to glow but despite the ethereal glow anything further than ten feet away is swallowed by the mist.

There. Behind some creates the girl's cries, muffled by the tape across her mouth. Standing up from crouching over the girl, he moves to confront me. I can’t make out his features, somehow he is shrouded in shadow, which is a blessing. I might not be able to go through with this if I could see his eyes.

‘I knew you’d come’. He says.

‘Why? Why are you doing this? I gave you another chance’.

‘I know...I just can’t help it’.

There's no more time for talk. He will never stop and no else will ever catch him. The guns report is deafening and the shadow falls. Once again I'm a hero.

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