Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Silver Trees By Louis Abrillo

It was the time they call MILLENIA.

I have witnessed so much in this new era. It’s where technology overcame mankind, where you can see walking metals. Innovations in medicine made lifespan quite a bit longer than before. And the basic necessities were not a problem. I wasn’t lucky to witness what the Holloocks (electronic books in the form of a wristwatch, click the button and a hologram image of a book will appear) says. I wish I will be able to hold a REAL BOOK, created from leaves. I wanna see what trees look. I wanna see the world before MILLENIA.

I went out of the DONE (term for home). The atmosphere was dense and you can’t go out without ONM2, a mask that will let you breath oxygen. I walked on the road looking at children as my age, all wearing the same suit and mask. We’re born in a world of metal jungle where there were only silver trees and the animals were either scientifically modified or genetically engineered to survive the environment. I reached the end of the road, never been in this part before. There‘s only one thing found in here, the wall, divides the world from chaos to paradise. I don’t know if you can consider us paradise. Lots of tales were told about the horror beyond the wall, I never dare ask. Yet, right now, something peculiar caught my attention. It lies on the cold pavement.

I approached it and figured it was a monkey. This one is scientifically modified, you can tell by the tubes on its neck and the suit it wears. It was badly injured. It’s not normal to see such animal at lose, and illegal to have one as a pet. But I need to help it, it’s bleeding to death. I wonder what happened to it. I slowly approached it to check if it’s conscious. I was about to touch its arm, when it suddenly opened its eyes, they were pleading. It abruptly stood and grabbed my hands. I want to run in fear but was more concerned on its wounds which bleed heavily as it moves. But it keeps pulling me; it wanted me to go with it. I pulled all my courage and follow. It leads me at the edge of the wall where a hole was breached. It went through. I hesitated, all the horrors beyond the wall dawned me. It went back to drag me again. What was beyond the wall that was so important and urgent? I followed through the wall and as I step out, I witnessed something worse.

It dragged me to a corner where a pile of junk was created to guard something. It removed the pile, and there I saw something astounding. A little green creature planted in a rusty can. It slowly held the can into my hands as tears streamed down its cheeks. From there I understand what I must do, a RESTART.

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