Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Not a Ten Year Plan By Tony Higgs

I was dropped once. I am here now remaining dropped. Don't you dare care for me, feel sorry for me. I'm in this corner watching your existence. Back off from taking me from this corner. My dusty corner is oxygen compared to your suffocating wide-awake and sleeping nightmares. They killed the best president, they murdered the only decent princess. They brought down the towers deliberately. Face has to be acceptable, otherwise they will let you know. It don't matter if it hurts to tell you. Got to have some ugly so others can feel pretty. Hunger of others makes your meat taste juicier. Same clothes today as yesterday, keep the best ones for meagre Christmas. The Queen's Corgis have it better forever.

Disease is your right. The cure is theirs. They throw food away for fun, they throw you away for more fun. They cover it up, then butter you up, it's best that the grit is between your teeth. It's better that their clothes fit, don't matter that your mother cries. What are you doing wearing that darker skin, that sexual preference, that choice of yours? Oh you lovely fun for us providers. Erase that smile of hope of the smell of spring, with our canister of durge. They gave you Birkenau as a holiday camp. They allowed you to thank them as they crucified you with screwdrivers. Your daughter didn't eat today even though it was her birthday. They feed their swans. You can have your government in any colour you choose as long as it's blue and Iron Lady. While they get their sleep, they make yours disturbed. How do they sleep? Very well.

I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm only a speck of paint. I don't know what chemical change occurred for me to be able to tell what I see, for what caused me to see. You use me to brighten your walls, while you allow staining of your lives. You only get one shot. Change the brush.

There should be a time. You choose it. A time when you tear down your palaces, your parliament buildings, crush the bejeweled crowns and all the finery, unless you've rebuilt the homes that lay derelict, feed the hungry, open mouths, educate and free those minds that you closed, give medicine to those who you denied. Make bullying and poverty a criminal offence. Make prisons unnecessary. It's not a ten-year-plan. It's today. It's to have love an everyday experience.

There would be no need for a government opposition if the government would do the necessary good, not the secret grins and winks for the benefit of a small, vicious mob. You inhale until change delivers you an exhale too. Don't fear change, it's for them to fear that.

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