Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Making Change Happen: A story repeated hundreds of times on the news By louise hall

“When will it stop?” screamed Amelia to George clutching on to Amelia and gently rocking her back and forth. Slowly comforting her. Amelia gazes into her brother eyes, looking for support and comfort. A role of a mother, sadly she doesn’t walk this earth anymore. The two lost children without a family lost in a huge city. A city of rubble, left in its wake. Once a thriving city now a shadow of its former self. It had huge luxurious shopping malls filled with hundreds upon hundreds of shops and streets full to the brim with people. No longer. All has been reduced to rubble, a shell of the former city. After years of political unrest, the country collapsed once called Great Britain. It could no longer function. The NHS shut. The primary schools and nurseries shut. Education was banned; all hope for the future generation had dimmed. Aid to the nation had seized leaving thousands of people swimming for the lives to France, in an effort to flee the chaos which erupted happening; the bombing, shootings and kidnappings. So many grieving mothers on the street praying for help. Deserted and judged on their way to freedom. Amelia and George are the trapped. Trapped without aid or help. Trapped by persecution, racism and loss of all hope. There’s no escape for all they wish for is a brighter tomorrow. Amelia and George both covered in dust, carrying what little belongings they had with them. “I’m tried” said Amelia “I know” George lovingly whispered whist kissing her forehead “pleaseeee can we stop!” Amelia said “just a little further” said George CRASHHH and another building tumbles down and the night sky sets ablaze with flames. As the building flops to the ground, it shattered like a piece of glass. Amelia and George caught in the middle of this destruction. Amelia and George have been walking for an immeasurable amount of time, maybe 11 nights? Or 12? Lost all alone, they finally make it to Dover. Where everybody fled to when it started in attempt to escape to the Jungle. It’s a beacon of hope in what’s seeming to be a never end cycle of death and devastation. They saw a boat floating, if you could call it a boat it was an old rickety life raft which was calling for anybody before it set off to France. The children run exhausted waving screaming. They finally reach the boat, clamber on. To safety, only they never make it France. This story isn’t just about two children it’s about hundreds of thousands of people who have to make the journey for survival.

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